If you have ever had a burning desire to always sink a hole-in-one, without the hassle of immediately obvious cheating, Nissan has created a novel solution.

In conjunction with the release of its newest autonomous driver assistance solution, the car manufacturer has taken the self-driving technology seen on freeways, and applied it to the fairway.

That’s right – regardless of how pure or poor your aim may be, the ball will always find its way into the hole.

Video released by the company shows a young child striking the ball well away from its intended target, before it seemingly develops a mind of its own and corrects itself.

Similar to their cars, an electric motor and an overhead camera is built into the tiny sphere of plastic and rubber, orienting the ball based on a predetermined path.

The artificial intelligence system, known as the ProPILOT 2.0, will then right the course of the ball, accounting for the speed of a putt and any undulations on the green, to eventually find its target.

Nissan constructed the high-tech ball as a marketing ploy to reassure drivers of the reliability of its full-scale driving technology, set to be released on a range of Skylines in Japan next month.

And while it’s not slated for a public release, plucky golfers hoping to bring down their handicap can test the prototype at its Yokohama headquarters up until Sunday.

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