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The dangers of not listening. Lessons from the 2019 election.

“Look at that, the house’s timbers clenching right there in wild daylight. There’s no wind, no subsidence in the ground, nothing to resist, but every joint bleats there for a moment as if the place is bracing for a sneeze or expel or smother”.          Tim Winton,

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The Worst 2020 Election Interference Will Be Perfectly Legal

“After the Mueller report was released, our president called Vladimir Putin, spent an hour on the phone with him,” Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said on CBS’s Face The Nation yesterday. “Described the report as a hoax, giving Putin a green light to further interfere in our democracy.”

“Russia interfered in the

Yet Another Slapdown for TPG

This post first appeared on the 13th May 2019 in the Australian telco newsletter CommsDay under the heading “TPG continues to be the whipping boy of policy inconsistency”.

TPG became a successful operator through keeping to itself while building its business through aggressive competition, investment in its network and smart

The climate election that wasn’t

Climate inaction continues to be official government policy in Australia – it is a travesty and the blame is on everyone – including Labor and The Greens who had the opportunity to seize the day, but didn’t. Yet again.

The 2019 Federal Election was supposed to be about climate action. After

The 2019 election verdict: It’s Labor

It’s Election Day 2019 and our final prediction is the same as it has been since August 2016: Labor will win this election, and it should win well.

There are many practical and technical factors that point towards a Labor victory and, if the Liberal–National Party somehow manages to stand

Ineffective leadership in Australia has created a culture of weakness

In Australia, our political system promotes all the wrong childhood, competitive behaviours like tactical play, groupthink, manipulating, and even backstabbing over our more mature adult behaviours. Our emotionally mature adult behaviours are about creating trust and longer-term strategy through open environments, to encourage collaboration, constant feedback and diverse views



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