About theIndependents – an independent media portal

theIndependents is an independent media portal and community initiative set up for the purposes of:

  • Promoting and supporting independent media in all its (online) forms
  • A platform for open and inclusive news and commentary
  • A portal for independent blogs

theIndependents is strictly non-aligned and non-partisan.

Editorial Policies

theIndependents is not a publisher but an aggregator of content. We are an independent media portal only and do NOT represent or act as an agent for any of the content displayed.

Inclusions on this site are via non-curated* content from a number of independent media sources and blogs.

We publish only short summaries and excerpts from these sources and offer no opinions on their veracity or accuracy. To the best of our ability, we will remove sources that are hateful, incite criminal activity or violence or represent extreme views contrary to the fundamental principles of responsible free speech.

Independent Media Portal – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the criterion for inclusion?

Sites that are considered not “mainstream media” – i.e. the corporate owned media (News Limited, Nine Entertainment and Seven West Media). To ensure a steady flow of news, some stories from the ABC are included.

What sites are included?

Apart from “not corporate mainstream”, – a site has a reasonable amount of following and has content available in a feed. The emphasis is on independent news and commentary, including satire  – but we don’t include sports and entertainment-focused sites – there is enough of that around… 

You can find a list of all current sites here.

Why are Reuters and other non-Australian news sites included?

Mainstream media is selective in what they report and with what emphasis. There is also a lack of reporting on what is happening in our region.

How is content updated?

Content is received via “RSS feeds” – if a site has no such feed then we cannot receive or display its content.

How often is the site updated?

News sources are generally updated every hour. Others vary depending on their publishing schedule – minimum once a day.

Is the content edited in any way?

No. The feeds are received and a synopsis of 30 to 50 words automatically created (if available). A featured image is included from the original source if available.

Are articles stored on the site?

No. To read an article a link is provided to the original source. The article feeds including images are regularly purged from this site.

Does the site collect any payment from sources?

No, this is a community service provided for the benefit of those seeking independent news and commentary.

How is the site funded?

This site is a community service and incurs little cost. It is, however, professionally built and secure. Hosting is kindly provided by WestPub Pty Ltd, the publisher of Michael West Media.

I know a site that I think should be included, what do I do?

Contact us, and we will check it out. Not all sites provide a suitable content feed, but most do, so as long as the site fits our broad criteria as outlined above, we’ll include it.

Want to get involved?

Have a site you think should be included? Have ideas for how to help promote independent media? Any comments or questions?

Please get in touch.

Or follow me on X (Twitter).

About the Founder

Kim Wingerei is an author and commentator – passionate about free speech, human rights, democracy and the politics of change. He is also the publisher of Michael West Media.

“I have always been an avid reader of news and commentary. Over the last decade or so I witnessed an erosion in the quality and diversity of journalism as the mainstream media struggled with the transition from the traditional advertising based model to one reliant on entertainment and threatened by the search and social media giants.”

The plethora of independent media fills that gap, and the quality commentators – those prepared to question the powerful unencumbered by vested interest – are still around, just harder to find.

Kim Wingerei