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Report: Weekend Trip To MONA Hipster Equivalent Of Getting Engaged


In a world where young urban professionals are constantly redefining traditional institutions like marriage and parenthood, it is hard to know what a serious relationship looks like.

In Betoota’s corporate-bohemian French Quarter, the only people that are getting married are the gays who spent years fighting for

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Film classification system explained

Before I get onto a long-overdue review of Gloria Bell – which may or may not be still available on any viewing platform – I think it’s important to explain The Bug’s rating system that I devised a long, long time ago.

Bearing in mind that the maximum  rating

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Dr Dick considers election dysfunction

Dear Doctor Dick

This time last year my boyfriend and I set 18 May as our wedding day. We went ahead with the ceremony despite it also being the day of the federal election.

Both my boyfriend and I were virgins when we wed, having agreed we would “save” ourselves

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Lord Downer solves Antony Green puzzle


Lord Downer of Adelaide Hills has broken his silence on last weekend’s federal election result by announcing ABC psephologist Antony Green has declared Countess Dowager Lady Georgina Downer the rightfully elected MP for Mayo.

Lord Downer’s statement was delivered at a hastily arranged news conference at his residence

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Peter Dutton Believes He Has Numbers To Win Labor Party Leadership

Home Affairs Minister and maths whiz Peter Dutton says he has the numbers he needs to secure the ALP leadership.

With Bill Shorten standing down and Tanya Pliberseck announcing she will not contest the ballot, the field has opened up, with Mr Dutton claiming to be the leading contender.

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