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Missing rope on the dope sees talks axed


The White House meeting between President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison scheduled for early this morning Australian time has been cancelled at the last minute under sensational circumstances.

The Bug understands a vital negotiating tool essential if our Prime Minister was to hold his own

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Neopet Starves To Death After 15 Years Of Neglect

LOUIS BOURKE Editor | Contact

In a shocking case of animal abuse it has been confirmed today a unconfirmed number of digital domesticated animals known as Neopets have starved to death after 15 years of neglect.

Most popular during the mid-naughties, was best known for being the thing daytime TV parents

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A memorable White House lunch


In just a day or so our Prime Minister Scott Morrison will attend a formal State Dinner in Washington hosted by US President Donald Trump.

As one who has attended several such events over my long career as an adviser to politicians and governments of all political persuasions,

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Madeline’s seamless report strikes coal

The time-consuming, old-fashioned way of creating coal could be a thing of the past, the ABC’s News Breakfast program revealed this morning.

That’s right. All those school and geography text books about
all that dead plant matter that had to decay over millions of years under heat and pressure

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Both GWS Fans Descend On MCG For Prelim Final

GWS Giants fans have swamped Melbourne ahead of Saturday’s clash with Collingwood, with both saying they are hopeful of a grand final berth for their team.

Virgin and Qantas considered putting on extra flights to accommodate the influx of Giants fans, but later confirmed they were able to

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Mutton dressed up as Lambie


Canberra’s night of nights (and doesn’t that indicate what a colourless, bland, dump it is) was held last night at Parliament House.

The Mid-Winter Ball, organised as a charity fundraising event by the Federal Parliamentary Media Gallery, is a much-anticipated (see first paragraph) event on the annual political calendar.

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World leaders get the flicks


Fans of Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey rejoice! The two comedy stars are to reunite in not just one but two films – and both have a distinctively Aussie flavour.

In fact, my Hollywood spies tell me that both movies have been inspired by the pending visit to the

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ScoMo Invites Trump To Join Him For A State Dinner At Engadine Macca’s

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reportedly invited American President Donald Trump to come to Australia to join him for a State dinner at the Prime Minister’s restaurant of choice, Engadine Macca’s.

“We Australians are an hospitable bunch,” said Prime Minister ScoMo. “So when my mate Donald invited me

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SMH name change sparks staff fury


Journalists at The Sydney Morning Herald, one of the former Fairfax mastheads acquired by Nine Entertainment Co late last year, are threatening strike action over a name change recommended by senior management.

The Bug has been told by company insiders that Nine executives want to change what SMH stands

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Joyce Refuses To Pull Out…………….Again

Former deputy Prime Minister and self confessed ‘families man’ Barnaby Joyce has once again refused to pull out. Of speaking at an anti-abortion rally in Sydney over the weekend.

“People want, no they need to hear my opinion on abortion,” said former Minister Joyce. “I mean who do you

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