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Regrets? Sam’s had a few!

VICTORIAN ELECTION AFTERMATH: MELBOURNE: A shattered Herald Sun editor Sam Weir is ruing what may have been after he took the fateful decision late in the state election campaign “not to go personal” on Premier Daniel Andrews. In an exclusive interview with Australia’s No1 family netzine, Weir (pictured below

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Big boost for local app

UNSOCIAL MEDIA: The uncertain future of global social media forum Twitter under Elon Musk’s ownership has boosted a small rival app developed in Australia. The Gold Coast-based developer of the app, called Hittler, say while it has struggled since its debut three years ago, the potential absence of Twitter

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Smoko’s legacy laid bare

The Bug‘s tweet of the week judges have never, ever, been impressed by those who seek to kick someone when they are well and truly down and out ….. except, of course, when the subject of derision and cruelty is the well and truly down and out Scott Morrison.

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Trump doubles down

Former President Donald Trump has doubled down on his statements threatening the very existence of the US Constitution. In a message posted at the weekend on his Truth Sociopath social media platform, Mr Trump repeated false claims about the “stolen” 2020 presidential election, called for the results to

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WTF is going on here?

What is News Crap Australia playing at by splashing big photos of ex-Morrison Government staffer Brittany Higgins and partner David Sharaz on the front pages of some of its Sunday metro turdbloids? On Friday the ACT Director of Prosecutions formally announced the decision not to hold a retrial

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Time for the healing to begin!

No-one likes to see another person facing mental anguish through no fault of their own so in the aftermath of the rape trial of the century, all our thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery must surely be going out this morning to Bruce Lehrmann. Lehrmann,

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