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Exclusive: Stirlo’s HIA results revealed!


Rugby league great and Channel 9 commentator Peter Stirling has become the first of the sport’s off-field personalities to undertake a compulsory head injury assessment under new National Rugby League rules governing the domestic game at the elite level.

Although HIA until now has been limited to testing injured

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Business says ‘influencers’ are a dead loss


A Brisbane company has vowed never again to engage with self-proclaimed Instagram “influencers” after being stung once too often by big promises of positive reviews and exposure that never materialised.

CEO of Funerals R Us, Paul Berra (main picture), said that soon after his firm started its own

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Signs of the times for retail sector


The owners of a number of major shopping centres across Australia say they are seeing positive results from their innovative approach to the retail downturn.

In a rare interview the normally reclusive twin brothers Perc and Al Dett (main picture) told The Bug that vacant space in their portfolio

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Joyce to the world…. again!


Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack is to step aside to give Barnaby Joyce a chance “to get back on his feet”.

In a selfless act in the otherwise cutthroat business of politics that has stunned the Canberra press gallery, Mr McCormack will resign as Nationals leader this afternoon,

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Laboring a point … as always

Why the fuck should I?

That was my immediate response when I first spotted that Australian Labor tweet on social mediocre urging me to join (or in my case, rejoin after decades away) the party and help take up the fight to the unre-electable Morrison government that just got

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Muslims thank PM for protection


Plans by the Morrison Government to enact legislation protecting religious freedoms in Australia have been welcomed by the nation’s Muslim community.

One Islamic religious leader who did not wish to be identified said there has been “great rejoicing” by Muslims in cities and towns across the nation at news

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