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Red ink spreads at The Oz

THE MEDIA: Senior editorial staff of News Crap Australia’s national broadshit The Australian have told company management that extra newsroom costs in coming months will likely blow out the paper’s already significant annual operating loss in the current financial year. A source within the newspaper said the additional costs

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Salute the only thing that’s missing!

You BUGgers out there might be wondering why our Xcreta-of-the-Week judges have selected two posts that could arguably give oxygen to braindead neo-nazis to share top honours this Monday. Both Peter Murphy and Solo Monk (at top and below) posted the same image showing those neo-nazi morons brandishing

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Greg Sheridan channels Sandy Stone

STAND-UP COMEDY: While he has spent most of his life writing comedy, Greg Sheridan has proved to be quite the consummate stand-up performer if a gig a few nights ago at Sydney’s Holt Street Bunker is anything to go by. His show is called I Right for a Living

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A different caption contest

Is ABC News Online seeking to annoy its readers by inserting sooooooo many photos of Rupert Murdoch and his offspring in its follow-up stories about the US media mogul’s alleged retirement? That’s a question our Media Glass House researchers have been asking after perusing today’s instalment of Succession

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Linesman struck and killed

BRISBANE: The NRL linesman who missed the blatant, metres-forward, pass that led to one of the Brisbane Broncos’ seven tries in the team’s preliminary final win over the Auckland Warriors at Suncorp Stadium last night was struck and killed by a council bus as he crossed nearby Caxton

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