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To forgive the, must we first forget the?

This is a tale of omission. Well, two, actually. The Bug‘s Glasshouse over time has gleefully pointed out examples of simple words missing that really mess up the flow of a story. We’ve spotted them in the lead story of some of Australia’s supposedly finest printed newspapers and in The

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Animals bite back

LEGAL AFFAIRS: A group of animals representing others of their breeds usually farmed for food production is planning to sue vegan food makers for misrepresentation. In Brisbane today, a lamb, a prawn and a chicken held a news conference at the offices of the law firm acting for them (main

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NEW & FREE! Weekend movie quiz!

The Bug is proud as punch, as Australia’s No.1 family online newspaper, to introduce a new regular weekend feature quiz that the whole family can join in and enjoy. Everyone loves fillums so who’s the fillum aficionado in your home? From the promotional still above, name the movie, the

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Damaged PM buoyed by Dutton’s support

FEDERAL POLITICS: Prime Minister Scott Morrison, his political standing severely damaged in recent polls over his handling of the bushfire crisis, has been buoyed by unqualified support from his most powerful ministerial colleague. In an exclusive interview with The Bug via satellite phone from his rented holiday villa near Barcelona

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Labor backs PM’s funding plan

FEDERAL POLITICS: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defused the “sports rorts” affair that had threatened to engulf his government by securing bipartisan support for his plan to establish a new specialised federal funding agency. At a Canberra news conference Mr Morrison announced he would establish a new Marginal Electorate Rorting

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Trump reveals his defence

As his impeachment trial begins in the US Senate, President Trump has unveiled the material he plans to deliver in his defence. Mr Trump today invited media representatives to the Oval Office at the White House where he showed off his defence submission which consisted entirely of a tray

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