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Who’s sorry now!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison shocked work colleagues and indeed close friends who have known him most of his life when he openly apologised yesterday for the botched COVID-19 vaccination rollout. “I’ve never, ever, heard him apologise for anything – ever – in all the decades I’ve known him,” a

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Spooky image scares widow

MYSTERY: Mythbusters and sceptics admit they cannot explain the “vision” of Prime Minister Scott Morrison an elderly NSW woman saw and photographed in a cup of coffee she bought at the Engadine outlet of fast foot eatery McDonald’s  earlier this week. Doris Stokes, a 78-year-old widow from Cronulla, said

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Oh, the pride in my home town!

Call me a sentimental silly old sausage if you must but I’ve been having surges of sooky emotion ever since hearing at 6.30pm last night that Brisbane has won the rights to host the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics. Well, more than the normal amount, certainly. I’m not sure

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Going for more gold in 2032

BRISBANE OLYMPICS: Australia is set to reap a swag of gold medals at the 2032 Brisbane Olympics if moves to add new sports to the Games’ program succeed. Sources within the Australian Olympic Committee said a precedent had already been set with several new sports added to the list

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Brisbane’s Olympics bid rejected!

GAMES SHOCK: TOKYO: The International Olympic Committee has sensationally rejected Brisbane’s bid to host the 2032 Games, citing a grossly fraudulent nomination process that “mocked just about every basic principle the Olympic charter stands for”. An ashen-faced IOC president Thomas Bach of Germany announced the committee’s shock decision

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Lord Downer: ‘My balls are safe’

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN POLITICS: Lord Downer of Adelaide Hills (pictured) has issued a blistering statement castigating the South Australian Government for imposing a snap coronavirus lockdown that threatens to scuttle events His Lordship had planned for the coming weekend at his family seat, Pout House. His Lordship’s statement – printed

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