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Benson quits key election post

A frustrated Simon Benson has quit his key role as chair of a steering committee created several months ago by all the mainstream media outlets operating in NSW to coordinate their efforts to ensure the return of the LNP at tomorrow’s state poll. In handing in his resignation

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Everyone, grab a feather!

Luckily for the cynical, bitter, washed-up old hacks who compile this column, they always keep a supply of feathers handy in their mezzanine-level research hub at Bug HQ to knock themselves over with whenever they hear totally unexpected news from the media world. So it will probably come

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Ministers slowly on the mend

CANBERRA: Members of the Albanese Government Cabinet are slowly being released from hospitals through the ACT after being treated overnight for various degrees of sheer exhaustion brought on by an almost inhuman workload that saw them deliberating on a key issue for far, far, too many hours. All

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Hollywood woos ex-PM

Not long back our former prime minister Scott Morrison let it be known that despite being thrown out of office last year, he wasn’t letting that event get him down; far from being in a foetal position in a corner he was leading a full and busy life.

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China’s sub-stantial rethink!

BEIJING: The ruling Communist Party here has had a major rethink overnight and now says it’s happy for Australia to buy as many nuclear submarines as it likes. In fact, China’s Defence Minister Wei Fenghe in a lengthy communique has offered Australia “all the financial capital it needs

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