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Leaders deny copycat plans

FEDERAL POLITICS: The federal Liberal Party has denied it is implementing a strategy for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to emulate his New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Ardern in the hope of replicating her resounding election win when Australians next go to the polls. Rumours that the PM had begun to subtly

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No cheques and balance

Take a close look at the picture above from the Friday edition of the Townsville Bulletin. What’s missing. Yes, a big novelty cheque. It shows a local state LNP candidate announcing a big research grant for local James Cook University. Where did the money come from? The story doesn’t tell

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Has famous pair called it a day?

Has one of Sydney’s longest lasting and much loved couples finally split up? It appears so, and I’m told Sydney’s glitterati – especially its adorable mainstream-media subset – are both shocked and dismayed by the news. I’m referring, of course, to Peter FitzSimons and his red bandana. While I’ve

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Courier explains missing story

MEDIA: A furious News Corp Australia believes a story that rightly deserved to appear in its Brisbane daily newspaper The Courier-Mail may have been stolen. A Courier reader told The Bug that News Corp had told him the company believed it had been the victim of a heist after he

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PM’s warning: watch this space!

FEDERAL POLITICS: A heartbroken Scott Morrison has sunk to his knees and sobbed openly over the waste of taxpayers’ money in buying four Australia Post senior executives Rolex watches each valued at $3000. The PM’s wife Jenny let slip the distressing scene in an early-morning chat with Today‘s Karl Stefanovic. 

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