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Queen backs Kerr letters release

Her Majesty the Queen has taken very calmly news of the High Court of Australia’s ruling that will see the release of letters sent to her in the 1970s by then Governor-General of Australia, Sir John Kerr. Indeed, my royal sources tell me that the Queen is in fact very

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Refreshing honesty from News Corp

MEDIA SHAKEUP: We all expect truth in advertising, right? It not only is our right; it’s required by law too. So full credit to News Corp Australia for their refreshingly honest approach to the news that dozens of their suburban and regional mastheads will cease printed editions at the end

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News goes off the rails at News

On Monday of this week the Gold Coast Bulletin kicked off what it promised in a front-page pointer would be “a new series” exploring the benefits of the Queensland Government’s big Cross-River Rail Project. The multi-billion-dollar infrastructure project now under way involves a new rail tunnel and stations delivering

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Studio return unlikely for TV star

MEDIA STOUSH: Respected TV sports presenter and author Paul Kennedy is unlikely to return to the ABC News Breakfast studios after COVID-19 distancing restrictions end. The Bug understands a blazing row between Kennedy and the show’s co-host Lisa Millar has the furious sports presenter determined to continue doing his half-hourly

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Biden minder causes stir

WASHINGTON: US Democratic Party officials have refused to explain the addition of a minor Las Vegas celebrity to former vice-president Joe Biden’s campaign entourage. Reporters covering campaign events attended by Mr Biden since he emerged from COVID-19 lockdown and began wearing a face mask have remarked on the presence

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