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Club pick under pressure

SPORT: Elements within the AFL fear that businessman Mark Korda will face internal pressure and a campaign to undermine his position and authority just days after being announced as the Collingwood Football Club’s new president. It has been revealed that Mr Korda, a long-serving Collingwood board member, secured the

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May the faith be with us

What role should religion play in the governance of Australia? And is it healthy for our nation to have a Prime Minister who is not only so openly committed and devoted to a charismatic church of happy-clapping Pentecostals with some very strange ideas but who clearly sees

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How Uhlmann always sees things right

Did anyone else hear a funny little “tinkling” sound in the background when Chris Uhlmann was reporting on a new federal voting intentions poll on last night’s Channel 9 6pm news? I could be wrong but I thought it might have been Chris pissing himself with excitement that

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Ad agency defends its work

ADVERTISING: A major advertising agency has defended its work on the Morrison Government’s now-abandoned videos aimed at teaching young people about the importance of consent in personal and sexual relationships. Ivor Teeshert, principal of the Balmain-based creative agency Mennett-Woke said widespread criticism of the videos was misplaced. “The single

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PM plays himself

CANBERRA: Shooting of a biopic with Prime Minister Scott Morrison playing himself has started in the nation’s capital and at other locations around the nation. The new movie, based on a screenplay developed over many drafts by a writers’ table comprising a number of Peter van Onselens, has

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Has brilliant ad exterminated The Bug?

END OF A PUBLISHING ERA? A directors’ meeting this afternoon will decide whether The Bug, Australia’s oldest and least profitable satire publication, will close its doors for good. A motion to close down immediately was framed by the magazine’s shattered team of writers after they viewed a new Morrison

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