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Aust scientists’ COVID-19 breakthrough!

COVID-19: Take a bow, Australia. Our top scientists have beaten the world to a practical COVID-19 solution – and it’s not even a vaccine! CSIRO experts have developed a phone app that identifies any people who are currently infected with coronavirus, even if they are non-symptomatic, allowing them to be

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Kate shows she’s queen of the lens

Our nation’s future Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been making the most of the pandemic lockdown conditions in force across the UK for much of this year by honing her photography skills. The former Kate Middleton, wife of the future King, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, is a

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Welcome back to the mike…Peter Gleeson

ENTERTAINMENT: The Bug continues to uncover rising new stand-up comics who one day will challenge Australia’s current crop of stars. And give further support to those we’ve spotted already and remain convinced can make it to the very top. Today, we revisit the emerging career of Brisbane’s very own Peter

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Big problems in the smallest room

In this special report The Bug’s resident sex expert, Dr Dick, looks at a uniquely male practice that some women find difficult to accept. It was not long after I began practising and counselling, many years ago now, that I discovered a lot of women expressed concern when they

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NASA reveals new star names

SPACE: US space agency NASA will make an exception for a relatively recently discovered nebula as part of its plans to rename several cosmic objects. NASA spokesperson Con Stellation said the agency had decided to apply new names to a number of celestial bodies whose common names were no longer

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Premier eyes Ekka tax

QUEENSLAND POLITICS: The Queensland Government has floated the idea of funding its expensive fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing a new “Ekka tax”. A senior government source told The Bug the idea had received the strong backing of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Cabinet. “The idea is that every

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