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Andy gets aggro

Prince Andrew has taken a new and aggressive stand towards the UK media since withdrawing from public life following his controversial weekend interview with the BBC’s Newsnight program. My royal sources tell me the Prince has rethought his approach and now believed he had been “too honourable” in his previous

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Motion splits impeachment inquiry

Members of the US House of Representatives’ inquiry into the possible impeachment of US President Donald Trump are split on whether the probe should be temporarily suspended. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said a motion for an adjournment of the inquiry into President Trump’s dealings with the

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Scoop that almost meant Howard’s end

30 YEARS OF THE BUG/FROM THE ARCHIVES: The “I Screwed Paris Hilton!” issue. It might have been a world exclusive at the time but the front-page splash (pictured above) from The Bug‘s January 2004 edition remains probably the saddest news story this paper has ever broken. As  one of

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The Firm sacks Prince Andrew

RIGHT ROYAL  MESS: In shock breaking news overnight, I can report exclusively that Queen Elizabeth has thrown Prince Andrew out of the Royal Family. In a terse statement attached to the gates of Buckingham Palace, the Queen said: “That one is no longer One’s son. “One strips that one of

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The snowman cometh….

30 YEARS OF THE BUG/FROM THE ARCHIVES: The James Scott issue: What is it about society that the cynics, the critics and the cruel ne’er-do-wells constantly want to chop down the true heroes and champions? Long before social mediocre flushed out from the murky depths these dreadful 21st Century

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Mass arrests at Nine

MEDIA: The entire promotions department at Channel 9 has been arrested. Heavily educated officers from the NSW police department’s elite hyperbole squad raided the station’s Sydney studios yesterday afternoon and detained all five men and women. The police moved in after the station screened promotional material for Hamish Blake and

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