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The Spectator AustraliaHow the Brexit deal demonstrates Boris Johnson’s geniusWhy Brexiteers should support this dealConfessions of a failed royal reporterThe moment the modern world went wrongWhy Christmas sends a shiver down my spineFull text: Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal speechBritain has won the biggest Brexit prize of allAt last: we have

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Farewell, Donald

Madeleine Kearns To Trump or not to Trump? Whether ’tis nobler on the page to be a morbid cynic or a self-righteous arse? That is the question those of us working in American right-wing media have been staring in the face for four years. Looking back, the Trump years feel like one of those awful ‘would

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Victimhood Incorporated

Thanks to Israeli scientists we now have a psychological profile of a large section of our population and the body politic: A new personality construct has been defined that describes people who persistently see themselves as victims within interpersonal conflicts. The research was published in Personality and Individual Differences. Study authors

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Am I a cuck?

‘You’re a cuck, Tobes, an absolute cuck.’ My friend James Delingpole was furious. ‘Honestly, I thought I could depend on you of all people, but you’ve surrendered, just like every other right-wing commentator I know. I can’t begin to describe how disappointing this is. I would have expected it

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