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How JobKeeper is being abused

Workers & unionsJulian StewartIssue 1278AustraliaCOVID-19JobKeeperMay 30, 2020While JobKeeper is a valuable lifeline for ensuring job security for some workers, it is also being exploited by some employers. I am one of those “lucky” casual workers, currently receiving the JobKeeper wage subsidy. I work for an Outside School Hours company and, from

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Us or them: Who pays for the pandemic?

EconomyGraham MatthewsIssue 1278AustraliaCOVID-19wagesinflationpublic sectorMay 30, 2020The Australian economy is set for a significant slowdown in response to the emergency actions taken to minimise the spread of COVID-19. The federal Treasury predicts the jobless rate will climb to 10% by the end of the year, and remain high for years to come.

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Capitalism and the pandemic

EconomyDave HolmesIssue 1267Australianeoliberal capitalismCOVID-19nationalisationclimate crisisMay 29, 2020The scale and scope of government measures to deal with the COVID-19 crisis have surprised many people. Long-held neoliberal dogmas have been pushed aside. Government action is clearly decisive: the bourgeois fetish of the budget surplus has been junked and huge deficits run up; after

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Cuba’s people-first response to COVID-19

HealthcareInternational solidaritySocialismPeter BoyleIssue 1267CubaCOVID-19May 29, 2020Many people around the world have heard of Cuba’s inspiring and unmatched international medical solidarity efforts in the COVID-19 pandemic. About 2000 Cuban doctors and nurses have been send to countries around the world struggling to deal with the pandemic – from Italy to South Africa,

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A life saved and lived by solidarity

FeminismImperialism & warInternational solidaritySocialismJames ClarkIssue 1267CanadaPalestineclimate changebook reviewMay 29, 2020Holocaust to Resistance, My Journey By Suzanne Berliner Weiss   Roseway, 2019 320pp, CA$22 Suzanne Weiss begins her recent memoir with these words by W B Yeats: “There are no strangers here, only friends you have not yet met.” More than just

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Jobs for women: Anatomy of a win

FeminismKaren FletcherIssue 1267AustraliaJobs for Women campaignWomen of SteelMay 29, 2020Women of Steel Produced and directed by Robynne MurphyScreening on demand June 10-21 2020 Sydney Film Festival You’ve probably heard “The Ballad of 1891” about the Queensland shearers’ strike. You can probably sing Kev Carmody’s “From Little Things Big Things Grow” about

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University of Sydney Women’s Collective: ‘End misogyny, repurpose uni colleges’

FeminismRachel EvansIssue 1267AustraliaUniversity of Sydney Women’s CollectiveSt Andrews residential collegeSydneyMay 29, 2020The University of Sydney Women’s Collective organised a snap action on May 25 in front of St Andrews calling for the residential colleges to be repurposed into safe, affordable student housing. Around 80 people gathered to hear from former Women’s

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Vale Rod Webb

Film & theatreGreg AdamsonIssue 1267AustraliaObituaryMay 28, 2020By the late 1960s the Vietnam War was drawing mass protest, the feminist movement had burst onto the scene and the gay liberation movement, as it was then known, was emerging. The heart of Sydney activism included Resistance on Goulburn Street, a protest centre and

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