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BOB CARR. Hidden Reality of Australia-China Relations

The best reading on the state of Australia-China relations is in documents we can’t see. That is, in the cables sent from Canberra to their capitals by ambassadors of Asian nations. They would report how Australia now has no official … Continue reading →

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Revolving Doors: want a high-paid job at the bank? Become a politician

Australia’s banking sector is a haven for government ministers, prime ministers, state premiers and a slew of top bureaucrats. Our Revolving Doors investigation into this most mollycoddled of industries begins today. We expose, not those who have “taken the money and run”, but those who have run for the money.

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Will Australians buy the “Team Australia” pitch for the Covid tracing app?

The Australian government has announced plans to make a Covid-19 contact tracing app available to all Australians. The privacy and security concerns that inevitably accompany such initiatives are now being debated as the government moves into ‘sales pitch’ mode to convince Australians to download and activate the app. But the

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The minister and the elephant: a broadband tale

One day a rooster, the next day a feather duster!By LAURIE PATTON | 31 March 2020 As we all hunker down to work or study online at home, according to communications minister Paul Fletcher everything is fine and dandy thanks to the National Broadband Network. The reality that many families …

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