Independent Media Resources

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How does your MP vote

How does your MP vote on the issues that matter to you?

The Open Australia Foundation

Tools that simplify the discovery and use of public data shared for free.


Ordinary Australians for a Kinder Society – helping us to re-engage with politcis and make our voices heard.

Freelance investigative journo Rosie Williams uncovers the data behind headlines yet to be written!

The Tally Room

Election Facts and Data collated by Ben Raue.


The Background Check

Click for Google Spreadsheet.
Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet members’ education and work background.

Independent Media Growth Index

The sites inclued in our Independent Media Growth Index.
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Political Alert

Political Alerts provide immediate, customised and unbiased political monitoring for organisations and businesses.


Analytics on Australian Politics news coverage – frequent updates on Twitter.

Political Donations 2017-18

Searchable donations by party – courtesy of The Guardian Australia.