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Apac News
A Sense of Place Magazine

The Spirit Rises

Convoy to Canberra: The Day Australia Changed Forever This is an extract from the upcoming book Convoy to Canberra: The Day Australia Changed Forever. This is Part Two of Chapter Seven, The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. The book will be available in the coming weeks....

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Askbucko - Mark Buckley

Time for a re-build

John Curtin is best remembered as a war-time Prime Minister. He is routinely described as Australia’s greatest prime minister. His policy work, alongside that of his Treasurer, Ben Chifley, was crucial in establishing a welfare state, on Australian lines,...

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Morrison reaped what he had sown

Writing this a couple of days after the most important election in Australian history, Australians did finally find their voices, and in no uncertain manner told the neo-liberal jackals who had come storming into public life that they were finished. Why the most...

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Team Australia – a sporting analysis

2022 has been a tough year. Let us take a look at the list, where they are at, what they have produced recently, and take a look at what we can expect for this year. I want to take a look at the players first, and leave the evaluation of the coach to last. Obviously...

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Anthony Albanese has been sworn in as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia. He does not pretend to be a charismatic leader, but I know him well enough to say he is a reliable administrator and proven negotiator who will not run away from any of the huge challenges...

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Election 2022 will result in Australians choosing a minority ALP Government. Many Independents will be elected and the Greens will enhance their numbers. ALP will win some seats and lose others, leaving them short of a majority. The cross bench will guarantee supply...

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Structural Reform – dissent is not a mandate for disrespect

Our people are dying in custody, our children continue to be removed at alarming levels, our children are locked up, our people struggle to advocate for access to health services, our communities don’t have access to affordable housing and basic living necessities and we are year after year experiencing continued

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Kangaroo Court of Australia

Defending press freedom in the pacific is Australia's next challenge

This should probably not come as a surprise, but there is some evidence that China is exercising undue influence over the media in the Pacific. and more particularly Papua New Guinea.Our closest neighbour has robust social media platforms. Some of the material published online is highly defamatory, but some of

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A more caring society

There is a campaign in Australia to make people more caring. In practical terms, to double the amount given to charity by 2030. Philanthropy Australia has a blueprint to achieve that, as does the recently elected Federal Labor Government.Philanthropy Australia may have the most success getting policy changes like expanding

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The Big Smoke

Meet a CEO: CashD’s Marcus Lasarow

We sat down with Marcus Lasarow, Founder and CEO of FinTech start-up CashD, a company that empowers Australian companies with the ability to lower staff churn by way of innovative

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Bra-burning to Hollywood – trailblazing women in film

In an electric event held at the ANU last month, some of Australia’s best female film makers and experts shone a light on a tough, sexist industry. The battle continues for female film practitioners and their supporters in policy, media, activism and academia to not only celebrate their achievements but

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When women vote, reason trumps rage

A hundred or so years ago, there was a woman called Vida Goldstein. She was an internationally renowned suffragist. She was the first Australian in the oval office. She ran as an independent several times because she was so independent, that she couldn’t bring herself to run for either of

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Online data could be used against people seeking abortions

When the draft of a Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked to the press, many of us who have been studying privacy for vulnerable individuals came to a troubling realization: The marginalized and vulnerable populations whose online risks have been the subject of our attention

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New Politics

Week 6 Election Wrap And Election Day Special!

And so, it has come to this. The day of the 2022 federal election. Week 6 of the campaign wasn’t that different to the previous five weeks: an array of announcements from both sides of politics, a campaign launch from the Liberal–National Coalition – held in the

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