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A Sense of Place Magazine

The Face Behind Australia’s Censorship Push

Rebekah Barnett and Andrew Lowenthal: Dystopian Down Under Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, has made international headlines over alleged censorship creep in an escalating standoff with social media platform X, owned by billionaire Elon Musk. Inman...

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Moving House Again — No Articles For The Next Few Days

This is just an announcement to let my newsletter followers know there won’t be any articles for the next few days. Our family’s moving house once again; we keep getting our homes pulled out from under us by landlords eager to sell in Melbourne’s pricey market. It worked out okay

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In the minds of most Australians, not just the 10% who go to Church, what is the foremost reason we have for celebrating Easter? It’s time to be honest with ourselves as a nation and acknowledge an order of priority instead of pretending to be religious. Firstly, most...

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Enjoy reading my book about how Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin and other giants of Australian History created a nation of six States on New Years Day, 1901, the very first Australia Day. It was an extraordinary achievement that was attained within 12 years from when...

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Enough is enough. Australia is in a crisis of violence against women

Readers please be advised that this article contains mentions of violence against women and ongoing violence and discrimination against a First Nations person. As we have not seen prosecution of the alleged perpetrators, we must refer to deaths in these articles as alleged murders. We understand this may cause distress,

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Guterres: relocate Gazans and back Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued this warning to the Security Council on 18 April: The Middle East is on a precipice Recent days have seen a perilous escalation – in words and deeds One miscalculation, one miscommunication, one mistake, could lead to the unthinkable – a full-scale regional conflict

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The ‘Can we?’ and the ‘Should we?’ of science

The remarkable journey of the COVID-19 virus – from bat caves in Laos to freezers in Wuhan, through test tubes and gene editing machines and ‘humanized mice,’ and finally out into the rest of the world and through your lungs and mine, often two or three or four times by

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Sport and violence against women: being quiet isn’t enough

Sport has a role to play in creating a culture of respect, yet women in sport are often seen as “less than” on almost every measure: salaries, sponsorship, broadcasting, leadership, access, media, coaching, officiating, uniforms and support. Research shows three out of four Australian men are gender equality supporters, but

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Casting a gender lens over the upcoming Federal Budget

The upcoming Federal Budget will spark much talk of surpluses and deficits, costs of living and inflation, taxes and jobs. Beyond the headline announcements and standard statistics, get ready to look for the finer details of a gender analysis on all new policy proposals. The 2024-25 Budget will be the

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The surprising way your gender influences your food choices

Back when I worked as a bartender, I always found it interesting how men and women tend to gravitate towards different drinks. The more time I spent behind the bar, the more I came to understand how even something as simple as our beverage preferences are surrounded in gendered expectations.

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New Politics

The big 2024 Budget analysis, gaslighting gas and a whistleblower goes to jail

In this episode of New Politics, we provide an alternative assessment of the 2024 Budget, exploring its reception across various media outlets, economic assessments, and the underlying political machinations. Of course, most of the reactions from major players in the media landscape, including News Corporation, Nine/Fairfax, the ABC and the

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The voices of the Palestine protests and the continuing pre-Budget speculation

In this in-depth episode of New Politics, we take a closer look at a series of significant events impacting global politics, human rights, and national economic policies. We begin by examining the escalating student-led pro-Palestine protests that have ignited across major university campuses worldwide, starting from Columbia University and spreading

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