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A Sense of Place Magazine

Our Enemy The Government

By Professor Ramesh Thakur: The Brownstone Institute The evil that men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones. Thus spake Mark Antony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. So let it be with Covid. I ask as a grandparent: Why did we use children and...

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Askbucko - Mark Buckley

Some Police think they are lawmakers-they are not

Now the police want to influence immigration policy. I blame it entirely on Peter Dutton, of course. For a retired policeman, he seems not to understand the most basic tenets of our legal system. How Australian democracy works Put simply, so that even coalition...

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Dutton has set the country back 50 years

From the moment the Liberals lost Aston in a by-election, Peter Dutton had to find a way to keep his job. Why not try and ruin Albanese’s simple plan for a better Australia, by doing what every other lazy wrecker has done? Make it all about race. Albanese thought the...

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Dutton is eerily familiar to us, and not in a good way

Reading Nikki Savva’s The Road to Ruin is a depressing read, because it validates what many of us believed before Tony Abbott became Prime Minister. Tony Abbott and his road to irrelevance Many believed he was unelectable. He lacked seriousness. He lacked grace. He,...

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If I Were Going To Commit A Genocide

If I were going to commit a genocide, I’d make sure to kill as many women and children as possible to eliminate the future generations of the people I was trying to wipe out. Come to think of it, I guess I’d basically do what Israel is doing in Gaza.

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The Goal Is Ethnic Cleansing, Not Defeating Hamas

Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley): ❖ The funny thing about Henry Kissinger dying at age 100 is that he lived long enough to become one of the least crazy warmongers in the DC swamp — not because

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You can do this by reading my book. DINNER WITH THE FOUNDING FATHERS Discover why there were no FOUNDING MOTHERS, why ABORIGINES were ignored and why NEW ZEALAND walked out of FEDERATION negotiations. Enjoy my depiction of the main characters, Henry Parkes, Edmund...

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I have written an novel called A BEAUTIFUL SUNSET. Its growing number of readers tell me it is inspirational. Based on final three months of life of a terminally ill man who decides to make them the most creative, meaningful and productive of all his days before he...

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The Journey of ‘In my blood it runs’

My birthday just gone and I am 17 years old now. When I was 10 I was the star of a documentary In My Blood It Runs. It’s a story about learning in schools that only teach in English. The film is about racism, fighting for justice for Aboriginal people

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Indigenous Writers in Solidarity with Palestine

Weeks ago, I wanted to write a piece about joy, friendship, and literature. Instead, I’m writing about  state violence. I write to support Palestinian people. But is the pen still mightier than the sword, when the sword is an endless stream of bombs?  We’re frequently hearing From the river to

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Kangaroo Court of Australia

There was only one Henry Kissinger

The obituaries of Dr Henry Kissinger suggest that there were two Henry Kissingers: a brilliant diplomat who tried to end the Cold War and an unindicted war criminal implicated in the deaths of thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodians and East Timorese.In fact, there was no contradiction between these two images. Kissinger

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Israel-Jordan relations in the wake of the Gaza war

Under Prime Minister Netanyahu’s leadership, Israel-Jordan relations have hit a new low. Sadly, after 30 years of peace, there is deep sullenness and disappointment between the two countries. The aspiration for strategic partnership has fallen short, except for security collaboration. Jordan’s King Abdallah and Netanyahu do not see eye-to-eye on

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The class of ’53

It is results time for the school leavers of 2023. I know it’s an exciting time. In 1953 I completed the NSW Leaving Certificate. 70 years ago! It was later, in 2002, that I first had occasion to look at that Class of ’53 to see if I could find

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Actually, body positivism is empowering women to live

‘Get out of the way, you fat fuck’. These are the words a young bloke yelled at me from his moving car as I walked across a carpark in suburban Canberra. He swerved his car toward me, I assume to scare me. I was scared. His words still make me

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We’re making progress in preventing gender-based violence

On Friday, as around 5,000 people took to the streets of Melbourne for the Walk Against Family Violence, which every year kicks off the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, I found myself stuck at home marking student assessments. As I browsed through my social media feeds, I felt

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Taliban’s gender apartheid tightens, suppressing women’s rights,

Today is the International Day to End Violence Against Women. The Taliban’s regime of gender apartheidcontinues to stifle women’s rights and voices. The Australian Government has removed human rights defenders from their list of criteria for priority processing from the country our military and aid workers spent decades working to

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