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Apac News

Friendly Jordies Firebombed

While parts of the mainstream media are labelling it an “alleged firebombing” the fact (not allegation) is, controversial YouTuber, Jordan Shanks’s home is smouldering. The corporate media seemed to bask in his misery, with some outlets publishing his address. Is this...

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A Sense of Place Magazine

Boy On Fire: The Young Nick Cave. The Mark Mordue Interview.

By John Stapleton. We predicted, way way back in 2021, that there was one book birthed out of Australia that year which had all the hallmarks of becoming an international bestseller, and that’s Boy On Fire: The Young Nick Cave. Thus it has proven to be, with the book...

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Askbucko - Mark Buckley

Our very own Marie Antoinette moment

It is a sign of the times that, within the worst cost-of-living crisis in Australia for nearly a century, we are even contemplating the return of the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne. We are in the grip of an inequality tsunami. Never have so many gone hungry....

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What can the hold-up be?

Considering that the Morrison Government was arguably the worst in Australian history, (apologies to Tony Abbott & Joe Hockey) it seems unbelievable that the Albanese Government, seen by so many as the adults come to the rescue of our fair land, should be as...

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Some Oil Paintings I’ve Done Recently

I’ve been doing a lot of oil painting lately. Here are some of the ones I like:❖Julian Assange.❖Terence McKenna.❖Assange again. I enjoy painting eyes.❖My husband Tim.❖Lightbulbs.❖The grandfather from the documentary About Love.❖__________________________New book! Lao Sue And Other Poems, available in paperback or PDF/ebook.My work is entirely reader-supported, so if you enjoyed this piece please consider

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Sometime during the second half of 2023, we will be given the opportunity to vote YES or NO in what will be known as the VOICE REFERENDUM that arises from the ULURU STATEMENT FROM THE HEART. As announced by the Prime Minister earlier this year, a YES vote in the...

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It’s our Voice – So let us speak

The Voice to Parliament is a contentious issue, including among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are diverse. We are not one homogenous group of people and as such have many differing opinions. I would never claim to speak for anyone but myself on

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Kangaroo Court of Australia

Universities under review, again

Charles William Wentworth, a poet turned politician, established Australia’s first university in Sydney in 1850. His mission was to provide “the opportunity for the child of every class to become great and useful in the destinies of this country.” There are lamentably few poets in the parliament today, but Wentworth’s

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NYT needs to end silence on Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine

The visit to Hebron this week by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and Kathleen Kingsbury, The New York Times’ Opinion Editor could see the NYT finally breaking its silence on the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine proposal published in the Saudi Arabian government-controlled Al Arabiya News on 8 June

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Flat White Change the government, or the reef gets it!

As far as Australian left-wing politicians were concerned, the threatened endangerment finding on the Great Barrier Reef was just blackmail.And now that some of them have their payday, they’re not even coy about what they were up to. As reported in last week’s Australian: ‘The reason that UNESCO in

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The Big Smoke

Parliament House sex assault survivor calls for redress scheme

Wednesday marks a year since Sex Commissioner Kate Jenkins’s Set the Standard report was published. The report described people’s experiences of bullying, sexual harassment, and sexual assault in Commonwealth parliamentary workplaces. The Jenkins Review was initiated after women bravely came forward to share their experiences. This vanguard was followed

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Women’s breast satisfaction impacts their quality of life

A recent paper by University of Canberra researchers found women with larger breasts are less satisfied with their breasts and that this has significant implications for their quality of life and physical activity participation. BroadAgenda Editor Ginger Gorman had a chat with two of the paper’s authors, Dr Celeste Coltman and 

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Break the ice. Not trans and gender-diverse students

The tutor is shouting that we all should pair up and get to know three interesting things about our partner to share with whole class: fun facts like their favourite flavour of ice-cream. Fun fact: These kinds of activities are not fun for transgender and gender diverse students who

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New Politics


CRIME CULTURE: They haven’t played a gig in almost 20 years but that all changed last weekend when satirical alt-rockers TISM made a triumphant return to the stage. Longtime fan Kieran Butler was there for all the glorious chaos. Getting the drop on a secret TISM warm

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