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CRIME CULTURE: They haven’t played a gig in almost 20 years but that all changed last weekend when satirical alt-rockers TISM made a triumphant return to the stage. Longtime fan Kieran Butler was there for all the glorious chaos. Getting the drop on a secret TISM warm

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BREAKING BAD GYM TEACHER MAKES FINAL APPEAL! School teacher turned cocaine kingpin, Kevin Michael Geraghty, says prosecution FAILED to prove his “tendencies” to be a DRUGS BOSS

EXCLUSIVE: Dubbed Australia’s real-life answer to Walter White from Breaking Bad, gym teacher turned drugs kingpin – Kevin Michael Geraghty – made one final appeal for freedom last week at a hearing in the NSW Supreme Court. Former student and True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk,

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“THERE ARE MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC AWARE OF WHO THIS PERSON IS”: Audio released by NSW Police backs up True Crime investigation into possible suspects involved in cold case terrorist murder of Turkish Consul-General, Şarık Arıyak, in Sydney over 40 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Back in January 2020, True Crime News Weekly published an exclusive investigation into the NSW Police’s reopening of the long-dormant search for the killers of Turkish Consul General, Şarık Arıyak, in Sydney’s east more than 40 years ago. The report included then-unreported details of a female

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MARDI GRAS TO LET COPS MARCH DESPITE “ORGANISED” ROLE IN GAY HATE! Former officer admits NSW Police went “GAY BASHING” and covered up violence INCLUDING MURDER for decades

EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Mardi Gras will continue to allow NSW Police to take part in next year’s parade despite the testimony of one former cop who has admitted the police force had an “organised” role in gay hate crimes – including murder – that plagued Sydney for decades.

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