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THE FAR RIGHT FEMBOT FILES! Leaked Border Force notes raise more questions about what the f*ck Lauren Southern is doing in Australia & her supposed announcement “quitting” White Supremacy

EXCLUSIVE: Just how exactly did Lauren Southern – the far-right White Supremacist darling turned Sky News ‘media celebrity’ – successfully get past Border Force to gain entry from Canada to Australia last year despite a personal history full of extremist racist rhetoric used to divide communities and stoke violence? Tom

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OUR EYES CANNOT UNSEE THIS! Newcastle ‘nudie run’ ends in arrest for Year 12 students after brazen attempt to escape police while butt naked

EXCLUSIVE: A ‘nudie run’ through the town centre of Newcastle, NSW last night has cost three young men more than just their pride with the group arrested and then chased by police while attempting to escape when butt naked. Friday night near Newcastle’s usually bustling Darby Street restaurant strip got

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LEAKED LIKE A DODGY SECCA! See the entire $44 million contract Vic Premier Dan Andrews signed with Unified Security for COVID hotel quarantine fails

EXCLUSIVE: It was the security firm awarded almost $50 million despite having under 40 full time staff in Victoria and now at the centre of an inquiry after its poorly trained subcontracted guards helped cause a second wave of COVID, leading to hundreds of deaths and forcing Melbourne into a

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RELEASED & BAILED DESPITE MORE CHARGES FOR MANKY MOLESTOR MUNDINE! Graeme Mundine hides at wife’s house after receiving get-out-of-jail-free card to face further child sex abuse charges

EXCLUSIVE: Convicted child rapist Graeme Mundine – formerly a senior Catholic Church and Indigenous community leader – has been recently released from prison to face court this week on further child sex abuse charges after being charged by detectives over more offences that took place at a Marist Brothers college

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