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Pro-life movement threatened by the climate scare

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to speak to Campaign Life Coalition Ottawaabout climate change and the potential threat that climate alarmism poses to the objectives of pro-lifers. The title of the event is “Why global warming alarmism is a threat to unborn children… and the pro-life movement.”

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The battle over Israel’s soul

Israel is facing the greatest danger since its inception-not from any regional adversarial power but from within, led by a largely corrupt cast of political characters and shepherded by a criminal who is willing to destroy the country only to escape justice It is unfathomable that Israel’s future is now

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The real reasons for Australia’s housing crisis

Australian house prices and rentals are amongst the most expensive in the world.  Sydney was recently ranked the second least affordable city in the world after Hong Kong, with Vancouver in third place.  Other Australian cities were also highly ranked, with Melbourne the ninth least affordable, Adelaide the fourteenth and

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