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The lessons of history

As we read the lessons of our history, in our school years, later in borrowed books from the library, or in the many “On This Day” blogs on the internet, we cannot help but being dismayed by the many stupidities of the human race. War after war, cruelty after cruelty,

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Labor ‘quarantines’ states from Covid accountability

After promising an inquiry into Australia’s pandemic response – widely expected to be a royal commission – the Albanese government has finally appointed what can only be described as a second-best inquiry.It fails on every count of what constitutes a best-practice open, independent public inquiry into a calamitous national event

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Gamma bias

The Gamma Bias and gender distortion matrix developed by psychologists Martin Seager and John Berry is reflected in the nursery rhyme …What are little boys made of?Frogs and snails,And puppy-dogs’ tails… …What are little girls made of?Sugar and spice,And all that’s nice… “I had been taught to read everything

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The right to bite

Political correctness rules our lives these days and while I’m all for equal opportunity, what about the right to bite and be bitten? No, I haven’t crossed over to the Twilight world of vampires, wooden stakes and werewolves, but where are equal rights when it comes to some of the wildlife

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