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Renewables are cheap, reliable, clean. Hubris, hype or hope?

The Albanese Government has made several power promises.(i) A 43% cut in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 2030, and zero net emissions by 2050.(ii) Australian electricity 82% fuelled by renewables by 2030, (currently about 25%).(iii) ‘Keeping the lights on’, excluding ‘unexpected’ supply outages. We can control price or quantity, but

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'Top Gun: Maverick' – the Pentagon recruitment drive

Hollywood, like the US press, has not been spared the influential hand of government. Under the mask of various projects, the defence establishment has sought to influence the narrative of Freedom Land’s pursuits, buying a stake in the way exploits are marketed or, when needed, buried.The extent of such collaboration,

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Shameful star chambers

In a recent judgement about a sexual misconduct case at Cornell University the judge compared the campus disciplinary committees to the infamous English Star Chambers. He warned that “these threats to due process and academic freedom are matters of life and death for our great universities.”  We too should be

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Repeal the Second Amendment, palladium of death

It is shameful and unconscionable that this country has allowed gun violence to become the leading cause of death among children in the United States – but that is the reality. The legislation, including gun measures, recently proposed by a bipartisan group of senators represents a step in the right

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