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Black lives matter? Maybe not

Photograph: Loren Elliott/Reuters. The greatest stain on the Australian psyche is the unfinished business of Aboriginal reconciliation and the inherent discrimination many Indigenous people and communities still face. But for the key institutions of politics, law, police and media, reconciliation is a forgotten business where many structural impediments still

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Morrison’s accord is WorkChoices 2.0

Irrelevance is the enemy of political leaders, and to avoid sinking to the bottom of the field, they need to keep moving, adapt and make continuous announcements, even when there’s not too much to announce. During a crisis, it’s absolutely essential for a prime minister to be seen to

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The War On China, Labor Needs Grunt, Schools Disaster

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: The Australian economy is falling into a heap, and what better way to provide a cushion to the economy than to start a fruitless diplomatic stoush with China, our largest trading partner. Fresh from celebrating Scott Morrison’s unlikely election victory anniversary, the media

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