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Holding Hands On The Precipice

Listen to a reading of this poem:❖From our perch here on the edge of armageddonwe are safe to gush out our love over everything,because we’ve got nothing left to save it forand nothing left to lose.I place slippery wet YES kisses on the black crows in your stomachand on the

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Ten Thoughts On Abortion

Listen to a reading of this article:❖OneIt sure is mighty convenient timing for all political and electoral energy in the United States to suddenly get sucked up into a single issue which affects the powerful in no way, shape or form. I wouldn’t have thought it would be possible for

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Just For Fun

Listen to a reading of this article:❖Just for fun we all pretend to be strangers.Just for fun we pretend we don’t know each other on the street,on the train, at the store, at the traffic light.Just for fun we pretend we aren’t locked in ecstatic unionand briefly ignore our intimate

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Assange Is Doing His Most Important Work Yet

Listen to a reading of this article:❖British Home Secretary Priti Patel has authorized the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States to be tried under the Espionage Act in a case which seeks to set a legal precedent for the prosecution of any publisher or journalist, anywhere

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