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Hanson slams Latham’s ‘disgusting’ tweet

Pauline Hanson has labelled one-time Labor leader turned One Nation MP Mark Latham’s homophobic slur toward a fellow MP “disgusting”, and urged him to apologise. Ms Hanson, who appeared at an anti-transgender rally last week in Canberra, took to Twitter on Thursday to condemn Mr Latham’s homophobic attack.  “I want

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Sydney’s Vivid Festival heads underground

A series of deserted railway tunnels running beneath Sydney’s CBD will soon transform into an electronic dance music and light extravaganza.  The 900-metre underground labyrinth will open to the public for the first time for this year’s Vivid festival set to kick off in May. “Secret passageways will be lit,

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Government appoints five union figures

The Albanese government has announced five union-linked appointments to the industrial umpire in a bid to “restore balance”. The former Coalition government made 27 permanent appointments to the Fair Work Commission – 26 coming from an employer background. As a result, there are now 29 commission members with an employer

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Labor’s climate safeguard laws clear Senate

A new carbon pollution cap on big emitters will apply from July 1 after laws cleared the Senate. Changes to the safeguard mechanism, which was initially brought in by the coalition government, will force the nation’s 215 biggest emitters to reduce their emissions by 4.9 per cent each year. This

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