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Chinese rush to buy COVID tests, medicines

Chinese residents are rushing to snap up COVID-19 antigen kits and medicines for fevers and colds as the country’s recent easing of prevention measures triggers widespread concern among the public they could now catch the virus. Online medicine platforms, pharmacies and drug makers have in recent days reported surging

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Fed-up England sacks rugby coach Eddie Jones

England coach Eddie Jones has been fired less than a year out from the Rugby World Cup. Jones was fired after seven years in charge of the national team. The Rugby Football Union has acted in response to a dismal autumn that concluded England’s worst year since 2008, comprising of

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Ex-Cameroon star filmed in Doha altercation

Cameroon soccer federation president and former star Samuel Eto’o has been filmed apparently kicking a man to the ground in an altercation outside a World Cup stadium early on Tuesday. Eto’o had paused to pose for photos with fans near Stadium 974 after Brazil beat South Korea 4-1. Footage circulating

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Beijing relaxes COVID-19 testing protocols

People in China’s capital Beijing are allowed to enter parks, supermarkets, offices and airports without showing proof of a negative COVID-19 test as measures ease across the nation in the wake of historic protests. “Beijing readies itself for life again” read a headline in the government-owned China Daily newspaper,

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