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Home Affairs has more important things to do than comply with the FOI Act: Michael Pezzullo

Complying with the Freedom of Information Act is a second-order priority for the Minister and the Department of Home Affairs, according to secretary Michael Pezzullo, who thinks his FOI team’s performance is “commendable” considering the limited resources it has to work with. The secretary will not allocate more resources to

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ANU Policy Forum turns five

The Australian National University’s Asia & the Pacific Policy Society has relaunched its leadership team in celebration of its policy blog’s five-year anniversary. Professor Helen Sullivan has been appointed president of the society, replacing Professor Tom Kompas. Sullivan will be assisted by the convenor, Professor Quentin Grafton. Run by ANU’s

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Opinion: almost four in 10 government entities fail to implement basic cyber security measures — six years after they became mandatory

The latest Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) compliance report confirms that the Morrison government has fallen asleep at the wheel when it comes to cybersecurity, with almost 40% of government entities still not implementing basic cybersecurity measures. The report was released last week, but the federal government is hoping you didn’t

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