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Albanese promises a ‘productivity project’ in an economic vision statement harking back to Hawke and Keating

Anthony Albanese puts a “productivity project” at the centre of his economic agenda in the second of his “vision statements”, which seeks to further distance him from the Shorten era. “Productivity is the key to economic growth, international competitiveness and, ultimately, rising living standards underpinned in large part by long-term,

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Friday essay: George Eliot 200 years on – a scandalous life, a brilliant mind and a huge literary legacy

A portrait of George Eliot at 30 by Alexandre-Louis-François d’Albert-Durade. Her masterpiece Middlemarch is often claimed to be the greatest novel in the English language. Wikimedia CommonsMary Ann Evans took the pseudonym “George Eliot” because she wanted to be taken seriously as a writer. Other female authors – Maria

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These young Muslim Australians want to meet Islamophobes and change their minds. And it’s working

While most research participants believe in the power of contact, dialogue and exchange to transform negative attitudes. ShutterstockThe political influence of the far-right, along with a more salient national security agenda, has spurred a growing anti-Muslim sentiment and deep social division in Australia. In fact, a new report

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From Marie Kondo’s tuning fork to vibrators for ‘hysteria’: a short, shaky history of curing with vibrations

Vibration devices have been used to treat everything from ‘hysteria’ to hair loss. So Marie Kondo’s tuning forks and crystals are nothing new. from www.shutterstock.comYou might remember how Gwyneth Paltrow’s health and well-being website Goop was selling “medical” products with no proven measurable health benefits. Decluttering expert Marie Kondo may

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Dramatic and engaging, new exhibition Linear celebrates the art in Indigenous science

Maree Clarke’s Men in Mourning (2011). Vivien Anderson GalleryAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised this article contains images and names of deceased people. Review: Linear, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney The value of Australian First Peoples’ scientific knowledge is now being more widely acknowledged. New exhibition Linear brings artworks

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