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Arise, Pandemic Profiteers

History’s annals are filled with war profiteers and hustlers for the opportunistic return. They come in the form of hoarders, arms manufacturers and wily business folk making a steal on slaughter and mayhem. But the other conflict – that of battling a pandemic – has also shown that profits exist

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Distraction: It’s Morrison’s only policy

By Kathryn The whole ludicrous Djokovic affair was nothing more than a ramped-up distraction in order to try to divert public attention away from the LNP’s appalling incompetence, inept mishandling of the fair and rapid distribution of Covid vaccinations, climate-change-denying idiocy and Morrison’s appalling short-sightedness and total lack of leadership! Anyone

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Dangerous Precedents and Hypothetical Threats: The Deportation of Novak Djokovic

Australia’s treatment of Novak Djokovic, the tennis world number one, has been revelatory. Unintentionally, this has exposed the seedier, arbitrary and inconsistent nature of Australia’s border policies. The approval by the Australian Federal Court of the Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s decision to re-cancel the prominent Serb’s visa left the country a

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