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Who Needs Policies ?

If you were an aspiring political leader with ambitions to lead the nation and you had a suite of well-developed progressive policies which you hope will capture the imagination of the electorate, would you tell them in advance ?

If you answer Yes : you are a loser !

You might

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How? Why?

By Ad astra  

It’s not just Labor supporters who are asking these questions. Everyone is.

The polls are unable to provide an answer. They proved to have no predictive value. Psephologists explain that since pollsters have changed their sampling techniques in the face of changes to communications technology, they no longer

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Why Progressives Must Evolve

By Callen Sorensen Karklis

Several years ago I resigned from the ALP. I was heavily involved in the party running local branches in Bowman and also working briefly in the labour movement in call centres as well as working on the shop-floor in retail before I ended up working in the

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