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The Climate Solutions Packapooticket

Whenever government Ministers are asked to expand on how we will achieve our emissions reduction targets beyond the “meet and beat” catchphrase, they bring up the $3.5 billion grandiosely named “Climate Solutions Package”.So let’s unpack that packapooticket. “The Government will provide $3.5 billion over 15 years from 2018-19 for a

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Comedy without art (part 4)

By Dr George Venturini  At its heart, Australia is a system of representative government. More specifically, Australian parliamentary democracy is a variation of the Westminster system, the system which is characterised by responsible government. The question is: responsible to whom? Both Her Majesty’s Australian Government and Her Majesty Loyal Opposition in

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The economy is not our master

By RosemaryJ36  I have a very dear family member, who subscribes to The Australian, and with whom relations have been heavily stressed in ‘debating’ what I see as a cut and dried issue – climate change. This is part of an email I have just sent: “Throughout the ages, scientists have

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Asking Peter Dutton …

A couple of days ago I received this message from a Facebook friend: “Hi John, Part of the bloated Dutton budget is spent on this group [AIDR]. Young Peter has been strangely silent of late so may be an appropriate time to highlight his expertise.” A Google search and

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My Kangaroo Island

The looks of excitement on our faces was sure evidence that Mr Borham’s idea was met with class approval.It was 1966. Trevor Borham was our class teacher at the Parndana Area School on Kangaroo Island. Mr Borham had instructed us to move all our desks to the back and sides

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Let’s Just Ignore The Bushfires!

This may seem like a strange question but can we afford the cost of fighting the bushfires over the coming months?I’m just asking it because no interviewer is asking anyone this question. They’re not even asking Labor what they’d be spending on fighting fires if they were in government. Nobody

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