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Stop the culture wars, Senator Hughes

I cannot bite my tongue anymore about the egregious disrespect Senator Hollie Hughes is displaying to the Australian teaching profession. Previously Senator Hughes remarkably claimed the Coalition lost the Federal Election because of the lessons being taught to school children by ‘Marxist teachers.’ Senator Hughes then doubled down today claiming

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By Ad astra   Revisionism is a general term that can be used with both positive and negative connotations for any scholarly practice dedicated to revising an established position. That is its benign meaning. Another is: “A movement in revolutionary Marxian socialism favouring an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary spirit” Contemporaneously in

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Cuddly Pete

The rehabilitation of Spudkins Dutton In 1977 Jerry Hall, super model, cover girl and actor ditched the suave Roxy Musician Bryan Ferry for a richer but daggier Mick Jagger. Fast forward many years and Jerry decided to broaden her palate and further stress test her gag reflex by buffing the

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Breaking the cycle of homelessness

My thoughts on the @ceosleepout, by Joey King   How did I get here? I’m educated, articulate and used to be involved in my community through work and volunteering. Then, how have I found myself living in my car for almost three years? Because I am a 53-year-old woman. The highest

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