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Covid 19 has hit the economy hard; But where is the Recovery going to come from?

COVID-19 has hit the Australian economy hard. By some estimates the Australian economy will shrink by approximately 7 per cent in 2020. Maybe more. That’s a virtually unprecedented recession.Shutting down workplaces: hospitality and tourism, higher education and some manufacturing: comes at an enormous cost. We can’t put a price on peoples’ lives and

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Known problems

Spokesmodel Christian Porter has been all over the airwaves announcing the government’s latest…ummm…announcement, which is that they want everyone else to sort out the “known problems” in industrial relations and to do so, they will form not one, not two, but five new “working groups” to come up with recommendations

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Lies, lies and more lies

On May 25 2020, the Secretary of Prime Minister and Cabinet, (PM&C) Phil Gaetjens, the most senior public servant in government administration, made a written submission to the Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee inquiry into Lessons to be learned in relation to the preparation and planning for, response

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A couple of items in the news that caught my attention in an ever changing and sometimes confusing world :Coalition to stop using Orwellian Doublespeak [for the time being] In his novel, 1984 George Orwell introduced political doublespeak – using language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning

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The Circle of Life …

By Christian Marx  “Let me tell you about my youth,” the farrowed brow of the old man beamed with sweat and the rugged complexion of a life well lived. His eyes were tired, yet there lingered a sparkling intelligence within. The boy who was no more than 15 sat transfixed. The old man

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Give us a break

By 2353NM  A week or so ago, we discussed the union bashing disguised as concern for ‘essential workers’ from LNP MPs Andrew Laming and Peter Dutton. Unfortunately, the pitiful behaviours exhibited by these two LNP politicians is not reserved to the outer suburbs of Brisbane. It is on the record that the

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