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The Battle is Over. The Bad Guys Won

Recently, Coalition senators voted with One Nation to pass a motion put by Senator Pauline Hanson that called for the government to eject Critical Race Theory (CRT) from the national education curriculum. This echoes a flurry of state-level legislation in the US currently being considered or already passed. The

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Sentenced to Lockdowns Without End

Now that all Australian governments, federal and state, are committed to total COVID-19 elimination, regardless of cost, economic, social and psychological until some undefined percentage of mass vaccination is achieved, it is high time we face up to some stark choices. Otherwise, we will continue the descent into hysteria

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Another Green Spruiker Takes AEMO’s Helm

As well as subsidy-seekers, governments, international institutions, business leaders and investment managers all conspire to close down cheap energy. The confected notion of harmful climate change is the justification for the dethronement of market forces and their replacement by a new clerisy of politicians and bureaucrats controlling the world’s

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An Ever-Mutating Strain of Anxiety

According to Henry Ergas (The Australian, July 16), “our population fatality rate from COVID … has been four times that due to the flu in its harshest seasons.” “¿Que”, as Fawlty Towers‘ Manuel might say. Deaths from COVID in the 16 months from the first death equals 912. Deaths

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Minding your Language at Monash

Pronouns are not everyone’s idea of a good time, and this is especially true of Bonnie Logan, a 23-year-old law student at Monash University. Last week, The Age drew its readers’ attention to the terrible hardship Logan has undergone while doing her pre-tutorial readings: repeated and unrelenting encounters with

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