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The Regulatory Enemies of Promise

  One disturbing factor regarding the Australian economy is its sluggish growth.  Per capita growth was negative in 2018/9 and has not had a sustained run above 2 per cent since the pre-2007 Howard/Costello years. The key drivers of growth are capital investment (with its associated technological gains) and freedom

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No Country for Old Men

You know you are getting old when your country’s Treasurer is called “Josh” and a senator who goes by “Cory” are retiring. Certainly the Treasurer’s recent suggestion that “older Australians” keep on working past what was once considered a respectable retirement age, and to retrain if necessary in order to

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My Black and Greenish Nightmare

Permit me to recount a short history detailing the reality of life without electricity, something I experienced in Dubai during the massive power outage of 2005.  The reports that followed made light of the incident as just a minor inconvenience. It wasn’t.  Rather, and the reason that nightmare comes to

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Climategate and ‘Post-Normal Science’

It was an important moment in the Climategate saga. Yet few remember Jerome Ravetz’s damning critique of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) posted on WUWT in early 2010. Ravetz is an eminent American philosopher of science and an Associate Fellow at Oxford University’s James Martin Institute

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The Tragedy of Erich Ludendorff

In classical literature, tragedy tells how a person falls from greatness into ruin, often through arrogance and reverencing unholy things. History also tells such stories. As November 11 and the anniversary of the Great War fades into memory for another year, the tragedy of Erich Ludendorff offers a timely

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The Bushfire-Industrial Complex

It is only November, but 2019/20 is already shaping as Australia’s worst bushfire season since 2009. The horrible fires in NSW have captured the headlines to date, but only the most foolish observer would suggest they will not be followed soon enough by more big, damaging bushfires in Victoria, Tasmania,

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The Useful and Much Abused Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott’s colleagues ignominiously ended his prime ministership after just two years and his constituents humiliatingly ejected him from parliament with a 20 per cent swing. So why did the Liberal Party honour his contribution to public life with a testimonial dinner even bigger than John Howard’s? Perhaps it’s because

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The Epicentre of Our History

When Julia Gillard was Minister for Education in the Rudd government in 2008 she appointed a committee to rewrite the national schools curriculum from primary school to year 10. When the curriculum’s compulsory Aboriginal content was published it became a controversial issue. The Coalition opposition under Tony Abbott called it

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