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Soaking Seniors, One Treasurer at a Time

Giving wrinklies a kick is their schtick. Are sociopathic treasurers, actual and wannabe, a modern-day phenomenon? I am not an historian so will leave the question hanging.

My tale begins with Hockey, an amiable-looking cigar-chomping chap. Beneath, a dark heart pumped. Let’s progressively lower the living standards of old-age

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Why Cory Bernardi Went Nowhere

There were actually three losers at the recent national election. The biggest was, obviously, Billary Shorten.  The theories are already numerous and growing as to what happened to Labor and they need not be repeated here. John Howard’s “whiff” of 1993 proved to be the case, and just how badly the

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I’d Love to Meet Bernie in Budapest

Bernie Sanders very nearly won the US Democratic Party’s nomination in 2016, only losing due to Hillary Clinton jiggery-pokery of the party’s rules around ex officio voting entitlements.  But here’s the thing.  What does it tell you about core Democrat voters that so many, probably more than half, would support

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A Shattered Labor’s Wrong Road to Damascus

It is slowly dawning on some Labor voters that Australians with a traditional Christian worldview have been feeling somewhat targeted. Entirely unremarkable beliefs consistent with the last few millennia of Christian doctrine have somehow become as repulsive as racism. Instead of debating our ideas, self-described ‘progressives’ attribute a diagnosis of

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