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The West Fades to Black

It wasn’t surprising when a sombre group marched along a New Zealand beach to protest the ongoing murders of white South African farmers chose to wear black “the colour of death”. Unfortunately, their choice to wear black did little to attract the attention of our media, where this important cause

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Caution! Freedom of Religious Expression

According to many, the Israel Folau controversy is not merely about freedom of speech but, more specifically, freedom of religious expression, even religious freedom. Seeing that Folau’s social media post was unquestionably a religious expression and a rather forceful one at that, narrowing down the issue to religious expression appears

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The Cure for Aboriginal Grievance Syndrome

The original inhabitants of Australia were dispossessed of their land and way of life by British colonists. No fair-minded, intelligent Australian of whatever extraction would dispute that assertion, although attitudes concerning the morality of it, or the lack thereof, vary widely. Nevertheless, it is grossly dishonest to pass judgement according

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