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Writing Racism into the Constitution

Anthony Albanese’s first act as Prime Minister was to significantly replace two of the three Australian flags in Parliament’s House media Blue Room and replace them with the Aboriginal Flag and Torres Strait Islander ensign. Significantly, the Aboriginal Flag was in the center, with the Australian flag off to

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‘My Island of Anarchy’

In 1995, the Tasmanian government passed the Aboriginal Lands Act, which created the Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania and handed over to it some fifteen sites claimed by the state’s Aboriginal activists as being of cultural significance. The Land Coun­cil was an elected body and quickly became dominated by

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Junk Science on the Koala Coast

European exploration of Moreton Bay District started with a two-day visit by Matthew Flinders in 1799. Surveyor-General John Oxley explored the area over 11 days in 1823 and 1824. He rescued two shipwrecked sailors who had hunted, gathered and fished with local Aborigines for seven months. A penal colony

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The Forever Empty Crib

She was gorgeous, fun and I adored her, especially what I took for sincerity and honesty. A troubled youth – drugs and track-marked cowboy companions – she’d left all that behind two decades before we met, “got clean”, as she would say, “fixed myself”. It was that realistic self-appraisal,

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The Wentworth Liberal Who Went Rogue

There was not a great deal of wit displayed in the 2022 Federal election campaign, with the possible exception of Pauline Hanson’s cartoon series, which had its moments. One laugh-out-loud moment, though, came in a video from Wentworth Liberal Democrat candidate Daniel Lewkovitz, who interrogated a bunch of young

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Risdon Cove: The Truth Massacred

There’s nothing like a gruesome massacre story to get our woke folk writhing in white guilt, even if the “massacre” is sheer malarkey. The 1804 “massacre” at Risdon Point near Hobart is a case in point. On Australia Day January 26, 2011, called “Invasion Day” by its detractors, Michael

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