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Yet Again, the Banality of Evil

The promoters of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (VAD) currently before the NSW Parliament have no idea what they are dealing with. They may feel they are addressing a human rights issue or that they are seeking to ease the terrible pain suffered by the terminally ill. However, they

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The Establishment’s Honoured Rogues

The French novelist and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre turned down the Nobel Prize in Literature. John Le Carré asked that his name be removed from the Booker Prize shortlist. Both writers were correct in recognising awards are nothing more than the Establishment shaping the Zeitgeist. The same but opposite criteria

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The ABC’s Scofflaw Journalism

The words “accurate”, “contravene”, “duty”, “ensure”, “impartial”, “independence”, “integrity” and “maintain” are ordinary English words with clear meanings. They are used in sections 6 and 8 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 (the ABC Act) to make clear the unique legal status of Australia’s national broadcaster. Section 6

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Much Pain for Net Zero Gain

It is this simple: skyrocketing world electricity prices stem from renewables policies. Notwithstanding the avalanche of propaganda we are seeing throughout the country, no wind or solar gets built anywhere in the world without subsidies paid by taxpayers and customers.  In Australia’s case these costs are $10 billion a

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Who Will Rid Us of the Andrews Curse?

“It’s time”, as some readers will remember, was the Labor election slogan that ushered in the late Gough Whitlam’s disastrous time in office. Well now it’s time to dust off that slogan for another Labor disaster. It’s time for Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, now easily the world’s champion lockdowner,

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Mask and You Shall Deceive

Disappointments are part of life. One particular class of disappointments concerns conservative politicians who after attaining power go to water. Or, in the case of Boris Johnson, turn out to be a one-trick wonder. Brexit done, nothing much left that isn’t of the Left. Donald Trump disappointed least among

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