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Liberty Sinks Slowly in the West

The State of Western Australia has just introduced one the most draconian proof-of-vaccination requirements in the entire world. The state government had already introduced forced vaccinations, including booster shots, for at least 75 per cent of the local workforce. But now, anyone over the age of 16 who refuses

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The Sadly Ubiquitous Karl Marx

The Left fights the culture wars in various ways. They fight hot wars by censoring, cancelling and firing opponents. They fight cold wars by monopolising the information-space, such as newspapers and the ABC excluding questioning of climate alarmism. But the ‘progressives’ most insidious and successful campaigns put the emphasis

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Donald Trump, Magnificent Vulgarian

The 2016 US election was a turning point for the republic. Having tolerated presidents Barack Obama (Democrat, 2009-17) and George W. Bush (Republican, 2001-2009), and with Hillary Clinton (Democrat) offering more of the same, large swathes of the voting American middle class were desperate for change. They wanted to

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Triumph of the Unexotic

Billibillary, the esteemed leader of the Yarra tribe in the 1830s, believed in what Richard Broome calls “radical hope”, that his millennia-old Aboriginal society could blend into the modern world. He was one of those who in 1835 accepted whites from across Bass Strait moving in to graze sheep

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