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When a Viral Fear Mutates

It is beyond doubt that this Wuhan virus chiefly kills the aged and those with with serious comorbidities.  It is also beyond doubt that a large majority of sufferers are asymptomatic.  In theory and with the benefit of hindsight, these facts should have guided our response from the beginning of

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Alive in Legend and in Faith

Be astonished: a beautiful woman, beheaded 1,700 years ago, lives on. She is the patron of miners, tunnellers, armourers, military engineers, artillerymen, gunsmiths and those who handle explosives. People put up her effigy at the entrance to tunnels and mines, and seek her protection against thunder and lightning. She supports

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The ABC’s Slip is Showing

If the ABC didn’t have double standards, it wouldn’t have any at all. Case in point: the matter of ABC Adelaide radio host Peter Goers, who has been a ABC radio nightly presenter there for 16 years. He also writes a weekly column in News Corp’s Sunday Mail, with a

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An Age of Wretched and Rotten Rhetoric

  Politics becomes wretched when the ideas in circulation turn bad, and ideas degenerate when the rhetoric is rotten. The words are everything. They are the lungs of politics and the foundation upon which parties, factions, fiefdoms and scholarship of all uniforms is built. Regrettably, the poverty of our political

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Cyberspace’s Cancelled Conservatives

It has been observed for quite some time that Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube are censoring conservative content, as Forbes recorded beneath the headline “Facebook Deleting Coronavirus Posts, Leading To Charges Of Censorship”. But what has become clear to all with eyes to see is that the mainstream media is

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The Scorned Wisdom of Martin Luther King

The American Black Lives Matter movement’s invocation of Martin Luther King Jr involves a serious falsification of history, and the uncritical adoption of that movement’s flawed ideology by Aboriginal  leaders is similarly misconceived and misguided. Dr King’s 1950s campaign in America’s southern states sought to overturn the Jim Crow system

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