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Propaganda on the Taxpayer Dollar

Currently, the SBS documentary series The Australian Wars is being aired on the SBS and NITV channels. The director and presenter of the three-part series is Rachel Perkins, the Aboriginal activist who also directed The First Australians. Perkins has quite mastered the art of the political documentary, also known as

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The Hollow, Illogical Case for a Voice

Professor Greg Craven of the Catholic University has a piece in the Weekend Australian (paywalled) posing ten questions for opponents of the Voice. I will attempt to answer those questions.  What follows is the text of Professor Craven’s article with my responses indented after each question. Referendums are much

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The Man Who Made the News

Brash young newspaper baron Lord Northcliffe (above) was perhaps the most hated man in England during World War I. The upper class banned his papers from their clubs and ceremonially burnt them at the Stock Exchange, while pacifists, socialists and many others damned him as a warmonger. Middle England,

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