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An ABC ‘Lesson’ in Need of Flushing

Another school year is starting and ABC Education stands ready, as always, to provide kids with curated learning material. This is in line with the ABC Charter 1(a)ii, “to provide innovative and comprehensive broadcasting services of a high standard (and) to provide broadcasting programs of an educational nature.” The

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Why Australia Day Matters

An amazing, but little remarked, fact in the current concern about securing Australia’s borders – cue ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ – is that they are entirely maritime.  We have no land borders, and Australia is the largest country in the world not to have any.  According to Geoscience Australia, we

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The ABC Massacres History Yet Again

The ABC seems to have invented a genocide by English colonists in the Caribbean. A story on Barbados’ cruel history as a slave island reported that slaver descendants, such as actor Benedict Cumberbatch, could be pursued for compensation and included an assertion that the indigenous population was slaughtered by

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A Pearl in an Eroding Landscape

Below is the text of George Cardinal Pell’s address to an August 2022 fundraising dinner at Campion College — one more reminder of the great man and mind we have lost. ________________________                          I was born and then educated in the olden days of the nineteen forties – fifties,

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The Brush Turkey and the Bureaucrats

At Murwillumbah on Saturday, January 14, ardent bushwalker and Quadrant Online contributor Marc Hendrickx spoke at a community rally devoted to debating the ban on the now-denied right of non-Aborigines to ascend the summit. Below is an edited version of his speech.                                                             _____________ Thank you all for coming

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