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The Answer Isn’t Blowing in the Wind

As do all religions, the new climate “religion” has a number of constituent parts. An evolving, increasingly ominous canon; namely, IPPC reports. Prophets galore: Al Gore, Michael Mann, Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough, Tim Flannery, ad infinitum. God? Gaia, possibly. And, lest we repent, a hurtling in sinful steps towards

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Bogus Identity and Constitutional Change

In July 2000, Allen Appo of Bundaberg, Queensland, was charged in the Townsville Magis­trates Court with a breach of the Fisheries Act by illegally catching undersized and female mud crabs. He was represented by Townsville Aboriginal Legal Aid who argued that, because Appo was Aboriginal, fishing restrictions did not

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The Harm Done Demands a COVID Post-Mortem

Freedom of information documents recently acquired by Liberal Senator Alex Antic of South Australia shows that the former Morrison government, under domestic terrorism response protocols, sought out cyber censorship of COVID-related content that, in practice, amounted to the silencing of voices daring to question vaccines, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccination.[1]

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So Much Talk, So Very Few Answers

Caught my eye in the paper, albeit lying prone in a hospital bed recovering (hopefully) from an urgent operation. Read that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wishes to “build a relationship” with Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. According to the PM, Australia and Brazil have “very common views”

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Speaking Truth as a Human-Rights Offence

Recently, one of the most important conferences about modern politics, ethics, social policy and the influence of philosophy on contemporary culture was held in Killarney, Ireland. The theme was transgenderism, but because of the influence of transgender ideology in law, science, family relationships, language, human rights, religion, sports, medical

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