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There’s No Law Against Dreaming

Dismiss it as a midnight reverie, if you will,  this dream of mine that pictured a Prime Minister more a’feared of squandering Australia’s potential and prosperity than of irritating the ABC and  greenish Wets within his own party. With such a vision still fresh, I abandoned the warm fug of

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Climate ‘science’: In vino veritas

Not so long ago, I was watching a television climate “expert” talking, as they all do, about “unprecedented warming.” As proof of this he stood, arms outstretched, in one of the vineyards springing up across southern Britain. Look, everyone, the temperatures have risen so much that it is now possible

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A Legacy of Awe and Gratitude

We have lost one of the great conservative Rogers, far too early at what has now come to be regarded as the young age of seventy-five.  Sir Roger Scruton’s passing has occurred, too, merely days after we lost Gertrude Himmelfarb (aka Mrs Irving Kristol), another conservative giant of the late

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The Conservatism of Roger Scruton

It was Paris, May 1968 (above), when Roger Scruton saw into the heart of darkness. He then began an intellectual odyssey that largely defined modern conservatism but came to an end with his passing on the 12 January, 2020. It began as he witnessed the student rebellion erupting in “the

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High Toryism for Common Folk

The first time I took note of Roger Scruton was during the Margaret Thatcher years. It was between my Marxist youth and my un-Marxist adulthood. Scruton, the UK’s most prominent conservative philosopher at the time, sounded, to my ears, as if he were damning with faint praise the economic policies,

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Henry Lawson: The Bushfire

Wall was a squatter and a hard man. There had been long years of drought and loss, and then came the rabbit pest—the rabbits swarmed like flies over his run, and cropped the ground bare where even the poor grass might have saved thousands of sheep—and the rabbits cost the

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