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Nine Simple Steps to Better Schools

Published in London in 1975 as a critique of progressive, New Age education and edited by C.B.Cox and Rhodes Boyson, the publication Black Paper 1975 The Fight for Education should be compulsory reading for anyone with an interest or involvement in education and schools. If ever there was a panacea for

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COVID-19, Risk and Public Policy

Throughout this COVID pandemic, governments of all persuasions have been arguing that draconian measures are needed to save  lives, the ‘”flatten the curve” mantra of the early days having evolved into a crusade (“a war”, as Victoria’s Daniel Andrews would have it) to reduce the risk of death or permanent

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Daniel Andrews’ VicPol: Unfit for Purpose

In a just-filed submission to the Lawyer X Royal Commission, retired Federal Court judge and former Queensland Special Prosecutor Douglas Drummond argues that Victoria Police cannot be trusted to investigate current and former brass should the commission recommend that criminal charges be pursued. That submission is reproduced in full below

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The Climate Cult’s Brat Brigade

In the Iraq-Iran wars of the 1980s, Ayatollah Khomeini sent 12-year-old Iranian schoolchildren swarming into no-man’s-land to detonate the mines. The keen kids wore devotional slogans on red headbands and each carried a small metal key to open the gates of Paradise. The analogy with enrolling Australian kids as zero-emission

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Come the Moment, Come the Man

Trump haters are most prevalent in the United States but they are everywhere, including in our midst. Troy Bramston was at again the other day in my morning Australian newspaper, the price of which has just risen by 17 percent. A case of getting less for more. “Biden in the

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