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First Ayers Rock, now Mount Warning

In October 2018 Parks Australia banned public access to the summit of Ayers Rock/Uluru for spurious safety and environmental reasons and contested cultural claims. They ignored the views of Aboriginal elders who had been born at the Rock, who had acted as climbing guides, encouraged visitors to climb and

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COVID-19: A realistic approach to community management

Historically, pandemics generate suspicion, speculation and emotion, before logic and empirical decisions determine optimal management. The current COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Twelve months on, there is an emerging consensus supporting an integration of a four-pillar plan: public health strategies; vaccination; early pre-hospital treatment; and hospital treatment. This position

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Is There Nothing Matt Kean Can’t Do!

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean will protect the ‘dinosaur tree’ by edict. This comes a full millennium after King Canute demonstrated the futility of attempting to subdue natural forces by royal decree. Canute only got his feet wet, whereas NSW suffered death and destruction in our Black Summer, visited

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The Desperate Twilight of Donald Trump

“Well OK, apart from deregulation, fuller employment, cheaper energy, return of industry, the First Step Act, standing up to China, rejection of the Paris agreement, control of illegal immigration and a Covid vaccine in record time, what has Trump ever done for us?” “Given us peace.” “Ah, shuddup!” In

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Resisting Cancel Culture

Former CIA agent Kent Clizbe, who worked in covert operations, has said the infiltration of Marxist notions into the West of is one of the “the most effective influence operations of all time.” It is one thing to speak of political ideas, but here Clizbe is addressing the psychological

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Wish granted, Good and Hard

The storming of the Capitol will be written into folklore. I say this not because of the import of the event. It’s hardly a Bastille moment. But because the media is largely in the hands of the Left which will want to exaggerate and enshrine its significance. I don’t

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