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AMANDA MEADE.-The Australian newspaper downplays bushfires in favour of picnic races.( The Guardian 4.1.2020)

And the Herald Sun relegates bushfires to page 4 while the Courier Mail brings good news via’Onion Oricle’  Read how the Murdoch papers deny climate change and largely ignore the fires.

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Between late 2001 and early 2003, during the so-called Millennium Drought, eastern Australia experienced unprecedented periods of bushfire. By end of 2002 something well over 2 million hectares of forest had burnt along the coast and ranges of New South Wales. Cooperation in fire fighting between the re-equiped Rural Fire

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JOHN WOINARSKI. Fire and nature

The future has come – and it is not good for Australia’s natural environments. Drought, heat waves and wildfire, all linked manifestations of climate change, have subverted (and continue to subvert) the viability of many of Australia’s species. Across vast areas, we are losing much of our nature.  Impacts

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GEOFF MILLER: Trump, North Korea, Iran.

Trump’s decision to order the assassination of Iranian General Soleimani is understandably dominating coverage and analysis of world affairs, completely overshadowing consideration of Kim Jong Un’s end of year statement, even though it had been somewhat anxiously awaited. But the North Korean statement may also shed light on the US’s

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