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Allah is calling; loudly in Indonesia.

The new word on the block is Isoman, a portmanteau of isolasi and mandiri, meaning self-isolation. It’s another place to die in Indonesia along with hospitals. The awful Covid infection and death figures you’re reading in this column are wrong. In the past week, the Indonesian Republic has recorded about

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Pegasus-India’s Watergate moment

A journalist hacked by Pegasus says he will survive, but Indian democracy may not. Workers in India’s Congress Party protest against the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged surveillance operation using the Pegasus spyware in New Delhi on July 20. “Congratulations!” That was the

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Israel and Apartheid: Language matters

George Browning’s critique of Israel as an apartheid state is highly critical of Labor Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s refusal to deploy that label. Like Browning, I agree that words matter. Which is why I contest his commentary. This article highlights the background to Browning’s remarks, offers a brief analysis of

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