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Wrong medicine

Back in the late 1920s a young woman named Phyllis Forster finished her course at the Victorian College of Pharmacy and enlisted as one of Australia’s first female trainee pharmacists. Phyllis Foster eventually became Phyllis Grant and had a daughter, Kathinka, who happens to be Greg Hunt’s mother. Perhaps it’s

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Happy anniversary?

A year ago today, Australians were shocked to learn they had re-elected the Coalition government — and with a 1 per cent two-party-preferred swing, no less (although that translated into only one extra seat). Back then, Scott Morrison and his team ran a disciplined, hip-pocket-focused campaign. For the very opposite,

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Keeping watch on Covid-19 laws

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures” has been a frequent refrain during the Covid-19 pandemic. In response to this complex and potentially devastating threat, parliaments around Australia have given governments unprecedented power over our day-to-day activities, travel, attendance at schools and workplaces, and welfare entitlements. They are collecting and sharing

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Boots on the ground

A solitary vehicle speeds across a horizontal landscape, tracking off-road onto the swampy ground of a delta at low tide. This is the Dampier Peninsula, where the waters of a vast river system lap at the edges of desert country, and this is the opening of season two of Mystery

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Tipping points

In absolute case numbers, Germany has been among the countries hardest hit by the Covid-19 virus, with more than 170,000 people infected thus far. But it has so far weathered the pandemic relatively well, with a death rate below 100 per million inhabitants. Only three of its neighbours — Poland,

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