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Sharpening the instruments

Back in the 2010s, the great healthcare transformation on the horizon was precision medicine, which promised to make treatments hugely more effective by matching them to the genome, history and context of each individual. Barack Obama featured a precision medicine initiative in his 2015 State of the Union address. Precision

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Soldiers, spies and Soviets

Is a security service essential? John Fahey, a former intelligence officer, certainly thinks so, and this belief underscores his scathing analysis of the uneven and unsuccessful efforts to develop an effective Australian security and intelligence service before 1950. The central argument of Traitors and Spies has two parts. First, that

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The weakest Covid-19 link

A pandemic holds up a perfect mirror to a society and shines a light in every crack. There is no better illustration of this fact than the light Covid-19 is throwing on aged care homes in Australia and internationally. Australian aged care was already in crisis and a subject of

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Imperial lives

Students in many countries have campaigned for the “decolonisation” of universities and their curricula. The debate following the death of George Floyd and the reactions against the protests have lent urgency to efforts to come to terms not only with racism but also with empire and its legacies. But what

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A threat to lives and culture

When the iconic indigenous Brazilian leader Paulinho Paiakan died from Covid-19 in June, aged sixty-six, the pandemic was already having a significant impact on Latin American native communities. Paiakan had been hospitalised in the northcentral Amazon state of Pará, which is among the most badly affected regions of Brazil. As

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Beyond shelter

As the Covid-19 pandemic set in, state and territory governments around Australia rapidly found crisis accommodation — usually in hotels — for around 7000 people who were sleeping rough. But the impressive speed and resolve raised a difficult question: what happens next? A return to business as usual would mean

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