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Can Trump win?

It’s one of the most popular genres in American political commentary: articles explaining how Donald Trump “might” win a second term in office in November next year.

Not that he “will” or “probably will” or “is likely to,” but he “might.” Or he “could” or “can.” Don’t dismiss the possibility, don’t

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With friends like these

A non-Labor government in Canberra might ordinarily expect solid support from business — even if only because it is preferable to the alternative, with its assumed tilt towards the unions. But it’s not quite as simple as that. History tells us that the Liberals’ relationship with the big end of

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Did late deciders confound the polls?

Everyone who believes the polls failed — individually and collectively — at the last election has a theory about why. Perhaps the pollsters had changed the way they found respondents and interviewed them? (Yet every mode — face-to-face interviewing, computer-assisted telephone interviewing via landlines and mobiles, robopolling, and interviewing online

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Another Palm Beach

There is nothing like a reunion of family and friends (in film and perhaps even in real life) to disperse sweetness and light as storm clouds gather. Think of Don’s Party (1976) or August: Osage County (2013), or dozens before, between and after them. Rachel Ward’s new film, Palm Beach,

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The following review contains spoilers and alludes to violent sexual assault.

To begin with the obvious: birds are everywhere in Jennifer Kent’s The Nightingale. They flit through the haunted dreams of Clare (Aisling Franciosi), the convict woman chasing her murderous abuser across the nightmare landscape of Van Diemen’s

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