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LaunchVic’s new delivery strategy

LaunchVic will take a more active role in the delivery of services and focus on growing the Victorian angel investing sector as part of a new one-year strategy. This year’s Victorian state budget allocated $10 million for LaunchVic to “continue its work supporting local startups and to attract world-class innovation

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Data sharing on cyber is critical

Some of Australia’s largest institutions have called on the federal government to improve threat intelligence data-sharing to combat nation-state cyber attacks. Multiple submissions from big four banks and Australia’s large universities to the government on its 2020 Cyber Security Strategy discussion paper raised concerns with long delays in information sharing

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Robo-debt unlawful, Govt admits

The federal government has admitted defeat in a major legal challenge against robo-debt, conceding that a debt raised through the highly controversial program was unlawful. Victorian Legal Aid brought the case to the Federal Court on behalf of Deanna Amato, who had a $2,754 robo-debt raised against her after the

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Govt privacy chiefs wary on cyber

National and state privacy bodies have called for stronger laws and better funding to address the “dramatically evolving” cyber threat landscape. In submissions to government on the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy update, the privacy and information commissioners urged government to introduce legislative accountability for cybersecurity, enforceable codes, and better data

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Penn to lead new 2020 cyber advisory

The federal government’s panel of experts appointed to guide the development of the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy met for the first time in Canberra on Monday morning. The advisory group will work with the ministers and public servants to oversee the development and implementation of the new strategy. The group

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Health Record gets ANAO mauling

The agency overseeing My Health Record paid $3.6 million for a series of privacy assessments that were never completed, and failed to appropriately managed shared cybersecurity risks of the controversial system, an audit has found. The Australian National Audit Office tabled its report on the implementation of My Health Record

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