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$540m Business Growth Fund is officially launched

The $540 million Australian Business Growth Fund has been officially launched, despite legislation unlocking $100 million in Commonwealth funding still languishing in Parliament. The seven shareholders have all signed the Shareholders Agreement, bringing to life the Business Growth Fund (BGF), which will invest “patient capital” into established and profitable

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Vic govt rails against FIRB reforms

The Victorian government has railed against the federal government’s proposed reforms to foreign investment rules, saying they would damage the country’s ability to attract innovation, research and development, and investment. The federal government unveiled draft legislation earlier this year making a series of significant reforms to Australia’s foreign investment

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Gov’t vs ACCC: The NBN cold war turns hot

The government’s efforts to strong-arm the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to adopt a favourable position on NBN Co’s wholesale prices, business market competition and spectrum allocation have been unsuccessful, which has led government to escalate the pressure by issuing a Statement of Expectations (SoE) to the ACCC.

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