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LaunchVic gets a $10m fund top-up

Victorian government startup agency LaunchVic has been given a $10 million funding top-up as part of the state budget, and will continue operating for at least the next two years. The Victorian budget, handed down on Monday afternoon by state Treasurer Tim Pallas, included $150 million over two years for

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Paul Fletcher’s long to-do list

Paul Fletcher’s appointment as Minister for Communications, Cybersafety and the Arts as part of Scott Morrison’s Second Ministry leaves him with the onerous task of working through some big-ticket items that have long haunted past governments. Mr Fletcher said he was “deeply honoured” and pledged that any future communications policies

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ANSTO precinct gets $12.5m boost

Newly-appointed NSW Innovation minister Kevin Anderson has unveiled a further $12.5 million investment toward the expansion of the deep tech-focused ANSTO Innovation Precinct at Lucas Heights. The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation first received a funding commitment before the NSW state election. Mr Anderson reaffirmed this week the expansion

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Renewed focus on service delivery

In naming his second ministry on Sunday, Scott Morrison unveiled dramatic changes to the federal service delivery structures, as well as a new communications minister and steady-as-she-goes continuity in the Industry portfolio. The Prime Minister said a key focus of government across all portfolios would be on improving service delivery,

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Shetler’s digital plan for ScoMo

The newly-elected Coalition government has a tremendous opportunity to make a few serious and fundamental changes to the Commonwealth’s structures, processes and capabilities to enable the delivery of world-class digital service. It would mean Australians might finally enjoy the ease of use and cost savings of digital services that they

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