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A new frontier for your InnovationAus

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the technology sector, with opportunities for tech-driven innovation – and in particular data-driven innovation – across the whole economy. launched in mid-2015, just prior to the so-called Ideas Boom. And while the political view of technology and

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Competitions are the new big thing

For centuries, human beings have relied on patents to encourage and protect innovation. The electric light was patented, the phonograph, television, WiFi and Nespresso capsules. But many inventions were not: matches, vaccination, computers and the internet. Patents work by granting inventors an exclusive licence to make money out of their

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SheStarts founder program at risk

Australia’s tech accelerator focused entirely on women entrepreneurs SheStarts will almost certainly be wound-up once its third cohort complete their pitches to program’s Showcase event on schedule on November 27. The SheStarts program is a casualty of a restructure at Sydney-based BlueChilli, which announced on Monday that it was pulling

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Telecoms is fuel for economic growth

A new report highlighting the importance of the telecommunications industry to the Australian economy should act as a reminder to the federal government when developing policy, according to Communications Alliance chief executive John Stanton. The Connected Nation report was commissioned by the telco industry group and completed by Deloitte Access

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AI ethics guide is a PR exercise

The federal government’s unveiling of artificial intelligence ethical guidelines for Australian business is a PR exercise that won’t change the actions of companies, according to former Digital Transformation Office boss Paul Shetler. Industry Minister Karen Andrews launched the guidelines on Thursday morning and announced that NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Telstra and

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Dominello extends the NSW licence

More than half a million people registered for a digital driver licence in New South Wales in the initiative’s first week, with the state government now looking towards a broader “NSW Licence”. The digital driver licence was launched to the public on Sunday after months of testing and trials. Addressing

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