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Defence urges bold new research collaborations

Australia’s chief defence scientist has urged Australian universities and researchers to partner with Defence to support Australia’s “bolder” defence posture, as the government questioned the value of its traditional investment in research. With a recent strategic update and an upcoming innovation strategy, the well-funded Defence has a “significantly increased

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Huawei ban to blame for icy relations: China

The Australian government’s “unethical” and “illegal” ban of China’s global technology brand Huawei had contributed significantly to the deterioration of relations between the two nations, a senior Chinese diplomat says. China’s deputy ambassador to Australia Wang Xining delivered a scathing rebuke of the federal government’s banning of Huawei from

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Govt flags ‘technology neutral’ law reforms

The government plans to introduce legislative reforms this year to make Australia’s laws “technology neutral” and make permanent many of the digital communications allowances introduced during the pandemic. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg unveiled the plans on Wednesday as part of the government’s “deregulation agenda”, the changes would confirm the validity

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