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Data rights and the Aussie farmer

Data portability and the application of farmer’s data rights in the agricultural sector will play a large part in reaping the expected $20+ billion reward of improved productivity through better use of digital technology.

Digital tech holds huge promise for improvements in agricultural sector, both on-farm and through-out the supply

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Govt opens digital ID to private sector

The federal government has begun the process of opening up its digital identity project to the private sector, with hopes the big banks will buy into the controversial scheme.

The Digital Transformation Agency, which is guiding the government’s set of interconnecting identity initiatives known as GovPass, has begun consulting for

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Defence taps unis for UAV project

The Defence Science and Technology unit will fund a consortium of four local universities to work with counterparts in the US on developing a next-generation of autonomous vehicles for military purposes.

Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price said the University of Melbourne, Macquarie Uni, UNSW and the Queensland University of Technology

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