In an effort to prove to everyone that George Bush is fine, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed him on her show to demonstrate his party trick.

This morning, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed her new best pal, George W. Bush onto her show.

Ellen touched on Bush-era policy, particularly the Patriot Act, stating she’d “like to thank Mr Bush because knowing someone is watching Portia and I is definitely her thing.”

The entanglements in the Middle East (of which we’re still in) were also referenced, with Ellen stating that “I think we can all agree on the Iraq thing – it was pretty good for a dick move,” before ultimately comparing Al-Qaeda to Islamic State, citing a disdain for the latter, citing a Hollywood’s recent culture of unnecessary sequels and reboots, something that she was “also guilty of”.

But hard-hitting journalism quickly gave way to joviality. “You know we play a lot of games here, Mr President, we call this one ‘the magic word’”.

As the crowd cheered, the curtain went up, revealing a table sloping to one side, a bucket of water and an Ellen-branded handkerchief on a stand.

As Ellen was bound to the table, she explained the rules. “Now, George, I’m holding a secret word…and you have one minute to make me say it, but you can’t use your hands, or ask me any questions!”, she said.

To the strains of Missy Elliott’s Work It (and the feverish cheering of the crowd), a chuckling Bush placed the handkerchief over her face and slowly began to empty the bucket.

A series of mumblings quickly emanated from underneath the handkerchief, with George Bush playfully telling Ellen that he couldn’t understand her, before turning to the crowd: “I can’t hear her, ladies and gentlemen…let’s see if we can all get to her to say it!”

The crowd quickly followed their ex-President in a chorus of “Speak up! Speak up! Speak up!”